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Got invitation for promoted gigs...And i started my first gig ad


Today i got an invitation for promoted gigs. I have started to promote my top rated gig. Its my first gig ad and i am too excited. Last 2 months have been real hard for me as my order rate was almost 0. But now i see a little hope to get back to track. I am not much familiar how it works. I mean there will be other sellers too promoting their gig ad then how i would stay at top to get attention. Anyhow, lets wish me good luck guys :slight_smile: May be i could get 2-3 orders in this week.


Great. Hope for the best.


Yes, looking forward. Thank you…


Good luck!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


that is good best wist for you


Good luck, have a great future


thank you for your wishes @alhome04 @muhtesum @abm_abdullah

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I’m interested to see how this new feature works - I’m sure many sellers (myself included) on this forum would appreciate it if you provide a follow up to your experiences in a few days :blush:

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I also got an invitation and going to start to promote my gig in few minutes. Lets hope for some good results.


Yes sure, I will share my experience. How well it went. I have started with low price to check if it brings some business to me. Its been 3-4 hours but stats are at zero for promoted gig. I think it will take some time to get started.


This option is supporting eligible categories like I can’t promote my flyer gig or brochure gig.

Good Luck! :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you so much!!!

Yes, i also got a selected gig which was eligible for promotion. May be only some categories are included in this. You couldn’t promote any of your gig?

I wanted to promote my brochure gig but this gig is not eligible for promotion so I’ve promoted my logo gig.

Great. Best of luck to you

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Thank you and same to you.

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I really want to figure out how Promoted GIG is working. I did not clicked on your GIG in search, I used your profile link.

If you are promoting your GIG for html bugs fixes, in bug fixes category (no search word, just click on category) your GIG is in the middle of page 9.

Then I searched bootstrap, and “website issues” your GIG is not in first 10 pages (I stopped looking after 10).

Then I searched “I will fix html, css, bootstrap, responsive bugs, issues” and your GIG is on a first page fifth row.

@mk_sanwal that is crazy that gig with 1000 can not be promoted but they selected the one with 40 reviews, and think logo promotion is a pure waste of money.

I mean take a look at the logo first page.

It is TRS bonanza. I have never seen this many TRS on first page

Then how gig promotion is working. I mean how they will keep it at top? Like if someone will search with a whole title? Search tags are not working. I couldn’t see any changes in my stats. Everything is on 0 for promoted gig.

I searched with one of my key word and found all seller level 2 on first page. Which don’t usually happen.

Yes, that is the result of promoted gigs. If the category has TRS, the first pages are filled with them, if category has Level 2, filled with them (and they are all paying for this.

I used incognito mode to search for your GIG but I did not click, i do not want to waste your money, but I could not find it unless I search the exact entire title.

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