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Got kicked out AVAILABLE NOW


oh noooooooooooooooooooooo! I got kicked out from AVAILABLE NOW.
How you ask? I answered late to a message… but here’s the punch: It wasn’t the first message I got from this buyer. We were already talking back and forth. I didn’t understand that you have to reply to every message within 5 min. not just the ‘first’ ones…



Same thing happened to me - the person asked for free work and wouldn’t purchase a gig and kept asking me for free work so I didn’t respond quickly as they were rude. I should have blocked them.


Yeah, similar thing just happened to me. I have 'violated" the available now thing. I was engaged in a conversation with a returning customer who loves working with me. i did not reply to one of his comments within the 5 mins…and here we are. This is flawed, at this very moment.


just anothing bug I had encountered that

If you turn it off and do not refresh the page again it is not off and still on

every time you change from on to or vice versa you have to refresh it again


Wow I didn’t knew this for sure, but I suspected it! Now I know for sure :frowning:


It seems so unfair!:persevere::persevere:


yes 100%, but luckely it’s a beta version. I Just find it harsh that you get blocked for 30 days!


I think we are being helpful not ranting as they can work on this.


Got it! And you’re right. I just find it a bit upsetting that’s all.


You should have blocked him.
Adding “ask your grandma to do this for free, with my sincere compliments”


She could get reported for that.


Same happened with me I responded to all the messages but overnight he messaged saying thank you I didnt reply to that n booooooom I’m off available now


But she will feel good.
Anyway, just joking!!!


Not very funny though.