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Got Last Order LAST MONTH!


Hello everyone i am very unhappy

last year i was getting everyday 2-3 oders and complete them assap.since i grow followers amount at order page 350 to 500

■■■■■■/rOnQW i have not get received any orders i see many gigs where people offer buyers 500 followers and they have everyday many orders

please give me any advice to get orders again



'I have a growing Twitter following of mostly REAL’

Okay… the ‘MOSTLY’ word is what deterred me from wanting to buy your gig.


Reply to @mrspanda: Yeah… lol. But hey, at least they’re being honest?


Reply to @prohelper27: To me, it’s kind of like, why would I buy his MOSTLY REAL followers where I can take my $5 to a gig that offers ALL REAL followers, yknow?

Why spend $5 on bootleg dvd when I can spend $5 on the real thing?


Did you change anything?


Reply to @mrspanda: I don’t know if ANY of those type of gigs are genuine. LOL… I guess I just don’t understand how someone can get several hundred real individual people to follow someone.


i am adding only REAL followers