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Got Less reviews more then orders until now

Hello everybody!! how are you all:) Today,I have completed my 32 orders…but my profile is showing only 25 reviews :frowning: we can’t demand for reviews from clients, according to fiverr rules. Please give Any suggestion how can i get reviews from my clients without breaking any rules of fiverr.Thanks

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Leaving a review is the buyer’s prerogative, not their duty.

Besides, imagine if more buyers gave you 3 star reviews instead of just one so far, what would your overall rating be?


Thank you for guiding me… Seriously i had never thought about this I forgot that it was very bad experience when i received 3 star rating one of my client one year ago.But now
i got your point, Thank you so much :smile:

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thanks for telling people you can’t demand reviews. That kind of things many times slip through the cracks.

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