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Got Level 2, Now To Keep Pushing


Here’s a little bit of an update for you guys.

The other day I got Level 2 Seller!:triumph:

It was a huge surprise to me. All I could think of when I got the notification on my laptop was, “Wow, I’ve already sold 50 orders? It seems like just yesterday I was nervously rushing to complete my first order!”

Since then, I have already completed 6 more orders and have roughly 5 more that have been delivered that are waiting to be completed or reviewed.

While to some, this milestone may seem like nothing but a small droplet of water in the vast ocean of Fiverr, for a 14-year-old like me, having made $500 in under 3 months is practically unfathomable. I am still in shock that something like this is even possible.

When I first started, I thought that I would make maybe an extra $20-30 per month on top of what I make for watching and walking dogs for my neighbor. I would never have guessed that in only my third month on Fiverr, I would have tripled that expected amount in just 1 week!

I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences with a couple cancels and a buyer who accused me of lying about delivering even though I delivered 2 hours before he messaged me, but overall, I wouldn’t have traded this experience in for anything.

Fiverr hasn’t just earned me some money, it’s helped me better myself as a person. I have grown to understand the ways different people function and I have become more patient and positive in my daily life.

Due to all of the writing I have been doing, it has also sparked up the old machine in my head that first fell in love with reading when I was just 4 years old.

But, I don’t want this post just to be me bragging to the forum about how I have made so much money in so little time and how I have achieved this status-- I want this to be a learning experience for those on Fiverr who are struggling day by day to get a single order.

In no way do I truly need this extra money from Fiverr, it just helps me get what I want when I want it more easily. I understand that there are hundreds, if not thousands of users, on Fiverr who are tenfold less fortunate than I, and that in no way gives me any right to brag.

I just wanted to show people that, with hard work and dedication, truly unimaginable things slowly seep into reality. What do I mean by this?

Each day, I go to school and come home, exhausted from the day’s work. I still push myself to go onto Fiverr and make some money after I do my homework. On top of this, I manage to maintain an okay social life( but that is due to other reasons than Fiverr, I’m just a pretty shy and angst-ridden individual ) and I even find time to draw{I’LL MAKE A SEPARATE POST ABOUT DRAWING&STUFF TOMORROW}.

Look, my point is, I would never have expected a website like this to be as good as it sounds. As I look back on my experiences on this website so far, there’s not much but positivity. With hard work and dedication, the doubts that you have and what may seem farfetched may soon become a reality; just keep pushing.

And with this newfound knowledge, I will now strive to complete 100 orders, and then the next 100, and the next, and so on.

Thank you for all you have done for me Forum and have a wonderful night/day/morning wherever you are from!:blush:

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I think you have the right to brag a little.
It’s not easy to be successful on Fiverr so when someone is, they should recognize that. As you said, there are thousands who aren’t and the fact that you are is worth being proud of and recognizing. People can get lucky sometimes and get a few orders but to get level 2 in 3 months, being less than a part-timer and keeping a handle on school etc is a fantastic achievement.
More specifically, to do it in an extremely competitive category is particularly good.
I wonder if you can become (the first teen??) TRS, you have plenty of time on your side to do it :slight_smile:
Watch this space…


Congratulations! :grinning:

What a great accomplishments. You are leaps and bounds ahead of your peers. This is a start to a very successful career in your future. I’ll be reading your story in Entrepreneur Magazine.



What an inspirational post. The sky’s the limit. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


Congratssss!!! Love to read your post.Someone call the writer ,please.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you have your own bank account?

The reason I am asking, is because, if you do, you may want to square away a fixed amount of earnings to your savings account.
Even as much as $10/week.

Start a habit of saving, and it will build you up strongly for managing your finances in the future.

I only recently started to save, but before, I splurged ALL my earnings. Now thinking back, I would have had a crap load of :dollar: had I saved even a little bit.

:bulb:Just a thought.


Good! Your parents must be proud. :smiley:


Thank you so much, Eoin! It really does mean a lot to me to have people like you to support what I do and to have been there to answer any questions that I had. I’m really hoping that becoming a top rated seller is possible, it would be so amazing to become one before I reach adulthood too!


Great post, Braden! This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read anywhere lately, not just on the forum. It makes me glad that so many people here get to pursue dreams no matter the age. My own experiences on Fiverr have been positive overall as well even though my progress has been very slow, partly due to my own safe-turtle approach! Thanks for reminding me and others of what we can still do with some effort and positive energy. :slight_smile:


It’s INCREDIBLE that at 14, you’re killing it on fiverr.
Even if it doesn’t turn into a career, you’re way ahead of the game financially and in terms of running a business, customer service, work ethic, etc.
I started fiverr at 18 right after high school, and 5 years later, even with a college degree, it’s still my full time gig.
Word of advice: Don’t spend any of your $ on girls. I’m sure they’re lining up outside your door :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks for sharing your story and keep it up!


Thank you Gina! I’ll never forget the fact that you are always so accepting of others and are so willing to make people feel happy no matter what! Thank you for everything you have done here on the forum!




Thank you so much! I’ll never forget the time you first stuck up for me on my post, it really gave me a sense that this was truly more of a community than just a workplace where everybody was competing against one another. Thank you!


This right here is more valuable than any advice I gave you. I suspect you may not stick to it as rigidly as you did to my selling advice though :smiley:


Great job. What a story. Now you know that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll have a way to make some money.


this is really awesome bro. keep the good work up and avoid negative rating and God will see you through to succession in life. Shalom!


Just take a long breath as its just a begining…you worth a lot more that is coming… Heartiest Congrats Cherrs lets have a Party :tada: @braden10collins


Congratulations @braden10collins. @djgodknows Great advice :blush: Thank you!


Hi braden10collins,

Great post. I have been motivated by your seal as a teenager.

Please try and allocate certain amount as saving maybe weekly so it compounds God willing, before you turn 20 maybe you would have become a millionaire.

Congrats buddy.


Congratulations Braden! Having the courage to manifest a post full of positive and heartfelt words is amazing considering your young age and fresh view at life.

While you should be proud of your accomplishments, don’t forget that it’s you who creates your own success. I tell those few words to everyone I meet who seeks some wisdom and with your positive attitude I would ditto the famed Eoin words:[quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:2, topic:150996”]
I wonder if you can become (the first teen??) TRS, you have plenty of time on your side to do it :slight_smile:

Congratulations & Best of luck!