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Got Level One and then don't get knock. How i get order continue?

Last 15 October I got a level one badge then I don’t get any new buyer message also my gig impression and click are down day by day. I don’t understand what should I do now.
What is the condition of everyone? Here is my gig please check and suggest to me what I have to do.

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I don’t have my own experience with this. But I have heard several times on social media that the same situation happend.

So not to worry. maintain your standards and be adopt to the new grade.
All the best!


Thanks for your best wishes


When I got level one last year in September, I start getting more orders, it was like 20-22 orders per month and before that I was getting 4-5 orders per month than I got level 2 in March I think and my order decrease again from 20 to 2-4 per month.
Everyone have different experience, best of the luck :slight_smile:

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keep patience. success will come soon inshaallah.

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Thanks for share this valuable post. I already completed 26 order and I have 24 reviews and 23 reviews are 5 star also maintains good quality and price. Again thanks

thanks for your best wishes

Also i don’t understand what should i do now. Thanks

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coming soon your success

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Thanks for your wishes

Thanks for share this valuable post