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Got Level One Badge!


Hello my Fiverr Fellowes!

There’s good news! Finally, I’ve got my level one badge.
Though I have met all the criteria just after 28 days of my account opening except one and that was my account age! That time my account was only 28days old. And I missed getting the badge last month(December-18) as usual for the same reason.
Now finally, in January- 2019 makes this happened!

I’m really happy with this achievement.
Everybody keep me in your prayer always.

Thank you.


Me too! Congrats!! :grin:


Congratulations on your best achievements and i am also waiting for this badge very soon pray for me everybody




Thank you and Congratulations you too! :heart:


Thank you and heartiest pray for you :slight_smile:


Thank you @akashhossain614 :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you


Good job. Keep growing:)


Thank you @marwatarik :slight_smile:


Thank you @husnahshahid :slight_smile:



I am new to fiverr wasn’t even aware these things are time sensitive. so Thank you for the info.


Thank you @ricardo79

Wish you, have a great journey here in Fiverr. :slight_smile: