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Got Level One Seller, Over 600 Buyers requests from about an average of 5?

Is there a connection between how many buyer requests you will receive and which level your profile is at as I am now seeing over 600 buyers requests as to the previous average of around 5-10 before I was a level one seller.

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it doesn’t impact it that I know of, just a coincidence that there are more now I guess.


Very unusual.
I never really pay attention to buyer requests anyway as most of them are setting their budgets way too low to the point where it is comedy gold just reading through them, seeing what they want, and then look at their available budget.
I saw one who wanted a fully fledged social media application for dekstop and mobile for 50 $. I got a good one of that offer!

Thank you for the response though :slight_smile:

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That’s buyer requests for ya, people expect 2000+ word scripts for 5$ in the voiceover category, someone even wanted a 95000 word ebook read for 5$ and they said they would give them “exposure and a small commissions if the book does well” lol

Yes, your level does determine how many requests you see. As a new user I didn’t see any requests for the first 2 days and now I see 2 to 5 a day. When your level goes up, more requests become available :wink: Though 6000 sounds a bit excessive :joy:

Yeah I am new and also want to be a level one seller. I am only seeing 2-3 request sometimes and mostly nothing. Fiverr says that you will see more as you update waiting for more orders

Must depend on what you do, as a VO I noticed no difference, what do you do?

Yes, you get more buyer requests, the higher up the levels that you are.

Fiverr appears to select your Buyer requests based on keywords in some of your gigs. (I have not found anywhere that Fiverr explains this to you)

I examine all my buyer requests and I reply to many. I have designed a system so I respond very quickly and with a good response. I have responded to nearly 2000 Buyer Requests. You get my system if you ask me to comment on your gigs - another one of my gigs.

Some people have a few gigs and get lots of orders. I have a maximum number of gigs and I get a few orders from each gig over a period.

Mostly my buyers and I have a professional and friendly relationship. In the middle of last year, I got some silly and pathetic buyers and I got bumped down from 2 to 0. My access to Buyer Requests dropped right away. The Buyer
Requests were not based on the gigs that i would have chosen. My number of gigs dropped right away. Talk about a treble whammy - and just because of silly buyers. I had to halve my prices

Thank goodness for some of my old buyers who come back to me no matter what my level is.

I was down for over 8 months - which is a disaster.

However in the last two months, I have got nearly as many orders as I got in the last year.

It is all hard work though.

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New Sellers can only see Requests until 10 replies have been made on the request.
Level 1, 2 & TRS can see all requests made.
When you get promoted, you see a whole lot of requests because many of those are old that have not been deleted yet. Check the dates on the offers and don’t bother responding to those which are over 24 hours old.

Requests you are shown are based on the categories of your gigs - you can only send requests for services you offer obviously.


Sorry, I don’t know what a VO is :sweat_smile: I just had the page open all the time and refreshed every now and then. Sometimes some request would pop up, but most of the time it was empty. I’ve actually got my first gig now thanks to responding to buyer requests :slight_smile:

That is just amazing