⏵⏵⏵ Got Level One Seller! ⏴⏴⏴


Today I got Level One Seller!

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To be true, I never believed that I would ever achieve this - the $400 milestone seemed to be unreal. But today I actually made it! Yes, maybe it is not such an achievement but for me it means more that a badge on my profile photo. For me it means that I can actually make money on freelance, means I can be free from office “slavary”, means I can make money doing I like to do and be happy about it!

Thank you Fiverr for being a platform which helps to self-improve!


Congratulations Bro ! Go to TRS <3


Big Thanks! :slight_smile:


Congratulations :+1::+1:


Many Congratulations
Happy earnings on fiverr




Congratulations and good luck in the future, wish you all the best!