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Got more sales! sales...!

Last two months I got continuous sales. Every day I got 2-3 orders. I had more than 10-17 orders in my queue science for the last 4days. Now I didn’t get even one message from a buyer. What is the error in my gig? I didn’t get even one order in the past 3 days. Do you have any idea about this?


In the same case in my gig. I don’t know that the problem.

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Don’t know why this is happening. Is there anyone have any solution for this.Thank you so much:)

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Same thing here… Don’t know what the problem is.

Many sellers are facing the same problem. i did too. I got no order for 10 days but I kept sending offers and now I am back on track.

the same problem all my orders from the buyer request section

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That’s probably due to your gig being moved from the top visible position to a lower position in the category or search results.

Fiverr never keeps the same gig in the same position all time.

Also, if you had a few cancellations lately, then that can push your gig lower in the search result pretty quickly.