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Got my 4 Orders from my 25 days on Fiverr

Good day everyone :slight_smile: I’m a new seller and I start my career on Fiverr on April 30. I got my 4 Orders and I think it is not so bad because the other seller takes month to get orders. By the way, I just want to know more tips about my gigs, profile and other things that I should do to improve my sales. I will appreciate everything that you will share. Thank you :slight_smile:


If you want more orders than you should try on Buyer request. Because Buyer request is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get more orders.

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Thank you for that advice :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. And I always send a buyer request per day and yes it is really effective. Can you visit my gigs to see if you can recommend something that I should change?

Lovely! Enjoy the smooth ride.

Post new topic under Improve my gig and provide details on what you do your skills and links to your gigs.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will do that

You can marketing your gig. Then Rank your gig and more order to come.

Is that a little bit expensive ? Like advertising ?


It’s not accurate. He’s making it up or regurgitating nonsense he read somewhere.

I search about it and I think the effectivity of advertisement will depends on the gig that we offer. I conclude that it isn’t effective with my gigs because I offer photoshop service

You don’t sell your gigs with ads. It doesn’t work.

People need to stop thinking that they’ll get direct sales by posting their gig on social media paid or unpaid…It doesn’t work that way regardless of what you’re selling.

It’s a myth.