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Got my first $1000 single order

Hi everyone.

So, It’s been a rough few months. Fiverr has grown to become even more competitive by the day and it’s not been easy getting much sales around here like I used to. Like that wasn’t enough, The Evaluation of seller’s levels was introduced, making one to be ever more conscious of their stats, communicate better, faster, deliver quality jobs more quickly, and overall to generally improve on one’s services.

On the bright side, I like that Fiverr is constantly evolving. Some changes good, others well, not so good. As a student, my Fiverr earnings help me pay for my tuition, accommodation, supplies and sees me train myself through school.

Fiverr has made me become better at what I do. Exposure to different clients, (good or not so good :smile: ) has taught me a lot of things and how to be professional in my dealings.

So, with regards to the topic, I got messaged by a client last night who needed some niche articles done. He discussed what he wanted, and I was like, ‘hell yeah, I’m in.’ I told him what I was going to charge for the 20 articles he needed, promising to offer top-notch quality and professional services and he was like ‘Ok.’

Okay?? Did he just say Okay?? I was super elated at the possibility that this was going to be my very first single order of $1000 at a go. Sure, I’ve made far more than that on here, but not that amount on a single order.

So, I sent him a custom offer, and after waiting for like an hour for him to order so I could start dancing, he sent a message that Fiverr wasn’t accepting his CC. “We’re all good,” He said, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

I kept faith, and well, he finally ordered today. I jumped when I saw the order notification.

Thank you guys for all of the information, tips, and guides posted in this community. I just observe all the time. Perhaps, I should be more proactive in the community.

Thank you Fiverr. You’ve given people with talent the opportunity to earn money from what they know how to do best.


:dancer: :clap:
Its really big.
Remember its not done yet. Hold it tight My best wishes for you.
Last month first time I was close to reach four figure but missed by few dollars.


Congratulation @inspirewriter :clap::clap:


Thanks. Just remain hardworking and consistent. You definitely will reach your target

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Thank you so much. I’m grateful

Congratulations that is awesome. Good luck with this. Hope everything goes well. For the future, you might want to consider milestones to protect yourself from a chargeback. :).


Great advice. I guess I was carried away and forgot the feature was there. :blush: I’ll definitely use it in the future


Congrats. I hope you get a great review after completion.

Congratulations!! Keep working hard! :slight_smile:

Many congratulations !!

Congratulations on your negotiating skills.

On the order part: With big orders come great responsibility.

All the Best.


Congrats that is awesome :slight_smile: I agree that there is a lot of competition on Fiverr but if you are good at what you do and provide a service that is a cut above the rest I am sure you will succeed.

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That’s a big feat! I’m happy for you. Congratulations!

WOW! That’s awesome, congrats @inspirewriter

My biggest order has been $300

Congratulations :slight_smile: Happy to hear that.

Awesome! I’m so happy for you!
This week I experienced my own ‘huge order in one go’! $190 :smiley:

Wow, that’s great! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Wow, Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats never crossed $100

Great experience)) Very interesting :nerd_face: