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Got my first bad buyer - 1 star

Hi Everyone,
Just want to share my experience, and what is the best way to handle this?

5 days ago, i got an order without any detail,
and i have tried contacted him may times, with no response…
I still delivered the result …, and still remind the client that it wll auto complete in three days…,

Suddenly today, he appear without any news and gave me 1 star, said that seller “he did not make what i want to have”

What is the best way to handle this situation?

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi


Fun ain’t it? If the buyer is unresponsive, there’s nothing you can do. There are these customers, but fortunately they are far and few between.

I’m sure @cyaxrex will be along with some tips shortly as to how to wire their car properly to get the desired revenge, but I leave that to my friend.

Sorry that happened, but it does occur occasionally. Try to have such good feedback that it just washes off your back. And take some pleasure that you still have his money.



A few things might help (if you haven’t already) -

  • You could mention in your gig description that you would want your prospective buyers to contact you first before placing an order so that you could discuss the details and requirements of the buyer.

  • You could also make specific mandatory gig requirements that would require the buyer to upload appropriate files or give you details of the order (whatever is required for you to work on the order).

Despite all this, if you still get a buyer who doesn’t submit any relevant details along with the order and is also non-responsive, I am sorry to say but there is not much you can do. The only thing you could do then is - instead of groping in the dark and trying to work on the order with really ZERO information about the buyer’s requirement, you could give the buyer a little more time for them to respond and if they still don’t get back to you, you could contact CS and let them know about it so that they can cancel the order… before it comes to an end.

No, that’s bad advice. Why should he cancel the order when he did the work and delivered it?


What “work” would he be able to do if he got NO information from the buyer? Besides, I meant cancelling the order BEFORE he starts working on it.


Apparently he had enough to deliver, if you read what he says.

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How about contacting CS to remove “feedback” with reason buyer intended to harm seller gigs rate?
It’s a good idea?

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This is what he says in one of his first few lines… I don’t really know what he “worked on” though.

This is also clearly evident by what the buyer had to say about it-

By no means am I defending the buyer here. All I am saying is that the seller didn’t have enough info. to work on the order… And so, shouldn’t have really spent their precious time working on it until they got more info. on their order… Either that, or contact CS and cancel the order before it finishes.


No they don’t remove bad feedback. Sometimes you gotta take the lumps, and that includes crappy buyers.


I would never condone physical violence.

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Yes…, even though client only gave image with no instructions or detail, i still have rough idea what i should do with this image based on my experience (my service is amason listing)

I realise my huge mistake is that i didn’t ask my seller to provide me with project detail on the requirement…,


Violence is a harsh word, shall we say (as my relatives in New Jersey do) respond with the proper motivations to assure that certain undesirable circumstances do not repeat themselves?




Thanks for making my day! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It’s pathatic, in this circumstance, I think you are badly in need of swallowing what has happened, bad clients are really dangerous, please persuade the client to work with him and ask him if he is interested in changing the rating.

I have never been in this kind of situation

You can contact support, and please tell us what they say

I served Ray Liotta champagne in a posh hotel a long time ago, He even gave me a £50 tip. Nice man in real life. However, his looks and demeanor are exactly like onscreen.

Mind you, he had a bit of a belly.


I wonder how many of those “strange orders” that result in a 1 star review are actually a real buyer… and I stop here.


£50 tip :crazy_face:
Interesting conversation :money_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Some good suggestions!

What I find annoying is that once they say ANYTHING - even “hi!” in the requirements section - the clock starts ticking :alarm_clock: even when they haven’t provided the necessary requirements.

A seller should have the opportunity to review the buyer’s submission, and ask for them to amend it BEFORE the clock starts.

Sometimes buyers purchase a gig, then disappear for a week. I had a buyer purchase 2 gigs 4 days ago - and not come back YET- and he hadn’t submitted requirements. I asked for an extension at first - then a cancellation when he didn’t come back around…

LONG STORY SHORT. His negligence caused me to be both late and affected by order completion.

Absolutely ridiculous. :expressionless::rage:


Wiseguys have always been good tippers.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know whether you’ll be able to get it changed or not. If you aren’t able, try to reply to the feedback in a professional way.

Usually, I’ll still buy from a seller with negative feedback as long as he or she appears to have handled the situation with tact.

Good luck going forward.