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Got my first bad review

sigh Before raising the offer, I checked her profile carefully - all 5* “excellent experience” … but from different sellers mostly … should have seen that as a red flag. Will from now on.

The buyer asked for one thing, I delivered it … and then she asked for something totally different.

I don’t offer any revisions. However, just as a gesture of goodwill, I offered to take a look at it.

Well, it didn’t work as she expected. She refused delivery and demanded revisions to the gesture of goodwill - Ha!

I refused. And quoted the TOS to her.

She issued an ultimatum along the lines of do what I say or get a bad review.

I said go ahead (politely).

My review of her was honest and I hope that sellers bear in mind that the whole “excellent experience” thing, when it isn’t, is not very helpful.


Not necessarily a red flag… I do get worried when I see a “life coach”, though.

@cyaxrex, was it you who mentioned something about life coaches?


Sorry to hear that, Coerdelion. :confused:

The good news (if you can call it that) is the review isn’t scathing. There’s nothing in it that would put me off of ordering from you. I believe your potential buyers will feel the same way about it as I do.

I hope you’re able to bury that review soon and put the experience behind you. :sunny:


I’m sorry to hear this, Coerdelion. :pensive:

I don’t know if this could be of any help to you, but when new clients come to me, what I do besides checking their profiles, is also check their sellers profiles, to see what reviews they left them, and their sellers replies.

This doesn’t mean it will be 100% effective, but can give you an idea of whom you’re dealing with.


Yes. I’m a firm believer that they should all be jettisoned into outer space. Trying to please a life coach is like trying to put a horse in a wedding dress.

The impression I get is that they are all on drugs.


They’re just not very good with - other people’s! - boundaries, @cyaxrex

Thanks for your support, everyone. I felt quite irritated by her blatant entitlement …

So ill mannered.


So sorry this happened to you @coerdelion

I don’t think this will affect you in the long run.

Stay positive, you handled this well.


Whenever possible, just don’t work with them. They believe they have some kind of extraordinary spiritual awareness that makes them ‘thought-leaders’ and whatever other rubbish marketing nonsense you can come up with.

In reality, they are usually always two slices of bread short of a full sandwich. Imagine being told that you need to make a revision because you spelled what they do ‘life coaching’ but they want it spelled ‘life couching.’

They also always treat you like some kind of blemish that is daring to get in the way of their success. This is why when one comes knocking, you run.

All that said, your response to their review and your other reviews does nothing but solidify your integrity. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Dang, @coerdelion, threatening sellers with bad reviews is one of the lowest things a buyer can do. That and asking for services beyond the gig’s scope get me hot under the collar. Have you thought about reporting her threats to CS? Don’t ask them to change or remove the review, but tell them you wanted to make note of the threat. Your buyer may get a :black_flag: against their account. That at least gives me some satisfaction. And I am sorry you had to deal with this.

I remembered that when I chose not to make an offer on a Buyer Request.

Me too! Sometimes, you find the seller has received poor reviews in spite of giving the buyer a great review. Your response was well written.


I’m actually more suspicious about someone who’s a bit off and has 5* reviews that are mostly from the same seller. Because that might mean that they are a bit off AND have spent enough time ordering from the same person to expect things to be handled a certain way and that way only.

I’m sorry about this. And welcome to the club.


This is so amazing to me, seeing the comments about life coaches. The only time in my real life I’ve ever lashed out verbally to someone was at a life coach I was selling my home to. I had been really pushed beyond my limits by constant demands that were rude, bossy, unnecessary, and entitled. She also had a strange way of jumping between a nice personality, and this bossy demanding personality. I told her that her behavior was totally unacceptable.

I’m so sorry you had this happen @coerdelion. You’re such a nice person. I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to do more than usual, or more than your offer is for, for someone who is demanding it or even requesting it, unless you already have established a good working relationship with them, and then only rarely.


I do this as well! Usually a good indicator of what you’re in for.

Love seeing this thread full of regulars supporting each other :two_hearts:


I get this. All you can do is shake your head at the screen. I’ve been using Fiverr since 2013 and just when I think I got the buyers figured out, I get hit with something new.

One that just happened today was a buyer sent me a treatment they had done for a pilot script. They wanted me to turn it into a 15 minute screenplay. No worries. Normally I just get an idea, so a whole treatment is great. They told me to have at it, I had to create all the dialog and action for the script.

I did it, I thought it came out awesome. I delievered it. Silence. Then a 3.7 rating with the comment “I got the script”. No communication, no revision requested. Nothing. I even offer a free revision with each gig.

It can be super annoying, especially when (in my game) you know they are going to go and sell a good script as their own and all you get stuck with is a few bucks and a crappy rating.


And then Fiverr doesn’t even show your “public” response to their rating. How are we meant to defend ourselves?

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It does show it depending on where you’re reading the review. The fiverr site is full of inconsistencies like this. I saw when looking at the mobile site, my reviews don’t show any of my responses AND it still shows my old profile photo from 3 years ago. But looks normal on the app. :woman_shrugging:


I usually don’t leave elaborate reviews for customers, but I include some helpful “pointers”, like “as always”, “repeat customer”, “anytime again”, “can only recommend”, which would tell me that probably everything is really okay, and I try to always remember to mention when it was a first order of someone, which should tell other sellers that the experience from my side until and including the delivery, before the review was fine.

I had a similar scenario like yours two or three times, and I would have left an honest review reflecting my experience … only after I didn’t react as intended to the “soft blackmailing” attempts (the ones that aren’t really the reportable kind, no straight “If you don’t … I’ll give you a bad review” but the “If you … I’ll give you 5*”), they didn’t leave a bad review but simply none at all, so I couldn’t leave one either …


Good advice, @miiila - will take it on board.


@cyaxrex is right, I personally don’t trust any person that think he can tell other person how to live better. In most cases he is probably mad or dumb. Learned that hard way…

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I’m a completely new seller on here (zero things sold and all), but this is/was a super interesting thread to read. I’m so sorry about your first review–bad customers can be anywhere, I wish there were better ways to combat it when situations like this arise. I’m always worried about a bad review wherever I sell, so I felt compelled to read how people handled it on Fiverr!

Thank you for this thread–again, so sorry about your bad experience, I hope that doesn’t happen to you again!

There is one problem with leaving an honest review for a buyer when you run into the rare customer who is awful. You could send them into a vengeful rage.

They can take an honest review of the bad experience you had as an injury to their ego.

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