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Got my first fiverr order and lost it

I got my first Fiverr order on Sept 11th and lost it on Sept 12th.

It was a 25 Pages PSD Website Mock-up job. So I got all the requirements from the customer.

The Customer just wanted it to be an exact replica of his idea which I just did and sent the frontpage design in the form of JPEG and there I lost the order. I just did design the exact replica and use a color scheme near similar to Facebook ( It just read something near similar to facebook and not the exact similar color scheme ).

And Later the customer just told me to cancel the order and told the Color Scheme is what is wrong. Changing the Color Scheme is going to only take a few minutes. Still the customer just didn’t have the patience.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Well, I wonder why would someone cancel the order for a minor problem.
How much was the order amount ?
Before cancelling, you could tell them that the changes would not take much time. And deliver the edited files quickly.
And if I was you, I wouldn’t accept the cancellation.
We all make mistakes. And I honestly believe that wasn’t worth the cancellation.

if buyer need refund then simple cancel work, its good for your profile, otherwise may be buyer place negative feedback for you.

if buyer not give you time as per gig mention and if he is more hurry then you need to better cancel this work. Thanks

Personally I think you should not cancel but deliver the updated version.

here is the problem…the buyer probably wants to see that you can do one page they way they want it before they have you do all the other 24 pages.

Did you make the changes on that 1 page and resend that to them?

I think the problem you are going to have, is that if you deny the cancellation, you are going to spend all this time doing 25 pages of work then deliver it, then the buyer can cancel it and get a refund.

I’ll give you a take on this. If that was your first order, I think your first mistake was to accept a $150 order. I still rarely take an order from a new buyer that is more than $15 and I’ve got over 100 orders under my belt. I still have way less than many, many people on Fiverr.

As a new seller taking a first order from a new buyer, your risk is great accepting a large order. I’d take an order for $25 or less to give the buyer a preview. They buyer has less risk and you have less risk. Either way, once you are in deep you just have to go with your gut.

Thanks for all the replies. I did cancel the project as the customer didn’t look like he/she wants to take it forward.
Let me wait for another order as I have no negative feedbacks.

Reply to @kay2809: Okay. I did deny the cancellation. And the amount is $150. I can deliver the project real soon and that’s not the problem. So shall I deliver the project and see if the person is interested?

Reply to @minojsos7: Yes. Just deliver the files asap after fixing.
I hope the client wasn’t trying to be like the wolf from that story where wolf blames the lamb for polluting the water and then kills it with that excuse :-S