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Got my first job! But now my buyer has vanished🤷‍♀️

So excited that I got my first Fiverr job!! It was a nice one too- she had 10 scripts!! I wrote up the offer, she accepted and sent 4 scripts saying she would send the remaining 6 soon. The clock was three days. Midway through the 4 scripts, I updated her with my progress and complimented her on the content (it was really nice)- she replied and said she was excited to hear the results! The clock was ticking down and she still hadn’t sent the remaining 6 scripts she said she had- so once I finished the 4 she sent, I delivered them…and I haven’t heard a word since. ( followed up yesterday morning also- no word back) I’m mentally prepared to refund her for the 6 she didn’t send…but will that count against me in any way? Or- if she eventually responds with more scripts-can she still upload them? Not sure how this works so any advice would be appreciated!


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Hi, if you ‘delivered’ using the ‘deliver now’ button, that would be against Terms of Service.

You probably should have asked for an extension for the job until she sent the missing work, as we cannot send in partially completed work using the green delivery button. :slight_smile:

A partial refund is not possible here either. She needs to send the missing work so the job can be closed–otherwise, it is likely to not close successfully! What a nuisance for you–I wish you well with it!

Oh, @corsogr – you are too kind! I am blushing! Ha… Thank you!




Omgosh. That’s a bummer for sure. Wow ok. Any advice on what I should do?


I was so concerned the 12 hour email would be sent and it would be a ding against me🤦‍♀️

Contacted customer service- just want buyer to happy regardless so hopefully it can work out for her.

@anniejenkinson Yay! CS noted it wasn’t marked complete yet (the clock has not yet run out) so I was able to extend. Thanks for the quick advise!

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Okay, a slightly more than creepy response.


:sweat_smile: that’s right!

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Looks like it would have been better to lay that job out with Milestones, lest the unsended scrips become millstones and see you upended.


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Absolutely- I really wanted to but each milestone has a minimum of $50 in my app view so I couldn’t. It would be great if that was any dollar amount in the future.

Aah yes.

Maybe it is that the buyer is not invested enough financially to care about honoring their job - and therefore you.

Be very careful about grabbing poorly paid work as, well, let me tell you a story:

One fine day a very good-looking fellow replied to a Buyer Request. The buyer wanted a really professional doer of this specialist job the very good-looking fellow just so happens to be very good at. He explained that his budget was low but he ever so much wanted to work with someone skilled. The very good-looking fellow put himself forward asking the bashful buyer to show his job and what he could afford for a skilled person such as himself. He put down his standard job pricing to start the discussion.

Days went by and the very good-looking fellow forgot about the bashful buyer until just that very morning there was a message from this person who was announced with a fanfare of VID. Again there was talk of impoverishment due to sad circumstances, but they were a Very Important Doer of things. What would the price be?

Sadly the bashful buyer had forgotten to either include their job to be viewed or any sense of what they could return for such services as the very good-looking fellow could provide as evidenced by his Portfolio.

The very good-looking fellow kindly asked the bashful buyer to include the ability for his Very Important Doings to be heard and what could be handled by one such as he.

The Very Important Doings came over with another demand for a price, low as possible to be provided for the exalted services of the very good-looking fellow.

This being the third time that the very good-looking fellow had asked what the Very Impatient Dearie was willing/able to commit to his Very Important Doings, he was somewhat concerned that this was not a serious session but a scorpion’s sting.

The Venally Inferior Doofus responded that he was not Very Interested in Delivering anything in return and laughed at the very good looking fellow who was unable to do any more than say "We are done here :frowning: "

The Very Infantile Drillbit then laughed again and blocked the very good-looking fellow. All because he couldn’t get the very good-looking fellow to fall to his knees and beg to do important work for free.

This proves that some ships are best not sailed upon as while they like to take, they do not understand the giving side of things.

The moral is that undervaluing yourself will only lead you to find yourself attached to Village Idiot Dropkicks and Top Scavengers who are so self-absorbed that they will lead you both off a cliff.



Already replied perfectly by @anniejenkinson , you should use extension for this kind of issue.

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