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Got my first job finished it but star rating given low

I have got my first job. Done it properly and delivered in time. But buyer gave low rating and gone out of fiverr and didn’t came back to see my request to improve my rating. mean while 72 hours gone. Now as my first job done and rating is low I am restrained from sending any buyer request. So can anyone advice what can I do? Pls.

It is sad that a 4.4 rating is considered low. I know I become sad at a 4.7 rating in spite of it being a good rating.

However, It is against TOS to ask buyers to improve your rating. It is considered trying to manipulate the reviews by Fiverr and you could get a warning or even lose your account. :confused: I see you took the high road and gave your buyer a good review.

You can learn from the situation and ask your buyer how you could improve your work. Then next time you will hopefully have a better delivery. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face:

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same here bro i didn’t got any review from the buyer