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Got my first "modification" request after almost three years of being here

Got my first “modification” request after almost three years of being here.

The person was expecting more than what was stated and although I know CS will most likely side with me, for a $4 order it isn’t worth the hassle to contact them and discuss things with the buyer. I know a mutual cancellation is tough to have on here, but since I am actually taking a bit of a “vacation” from Fiverr soon, I figured it’s not worth it to fight it for a few days just for a $4 order. It’s always odd that when people order a bunch of extras they’re completely happy, but when it comes to $4 it always seems like a hassle. It’s almost as if they were expecting a whole lot more for $4, Hmmmm!

Ha, well. That’s my rant. What’s your opinion? I delivered the order, exactly as the gig description/title stated, they wanted more in regards to the order. I understand their issue, but in no way did I mention I provided that information as there is no proper way to track it without doing a much more in-depth service in which they didn’t order.

When it comes to a $4 order, at times do you just give in and do a mutual cancellation even though you know you’re in the right because dealing with CS and the buyer for $4 is actually going to end up taking more time than you spent on the order? I figure I am not the only one who feels this way.

I get this a lot. I explain exactly what $5 gives them, point out the text on my gig page and offer to add whatever they want if they’re willing to pay for it. I think sometimes they think they can get something for free by acting like they don’t understand. I’m firm, but polite when it comes to this sort of thing.

Yeah, well in my initial delivery I mentioned exactly what they got and highlighted the fact that I did deliver exactly what is stated in the gig description. They still sent the request for modification anyways because essentially it didn’t fit their needs(Essentially they want me to be their record keeper, and that’s not at all what the service provides.). I am being a bit nice. I would normally spend the time to actually go through CS and discuss it with them and CS would most likely side with me, but since I am taking a bit of a break from Fiverr and this is just bad timing, I just don’t want to deal with it, especially not for $4. So I guess in a sense, it is their lucky day as I have too many other things to worry about now that exceed well beyond $4.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

For me, it kind of depends. If I have time and get the feeling that they will leave a negative review if I don’t “fix” what they have a problem with, I’ll generally do it. However, sometimes people come back and say something like, “Oh, I forgot to tell you I needed it formatted like this” or “I actually wanted this about something else.” For those people, I generally tell them that $4 will get them work for the instructions they originally gave, and I cannot make revisions because they forgot to tell me something.

Like jtengle, if they’re willing to pay for a revision…then I’m more than happy to do one. I usually try to politely explain that what they are really paying for is my time, not just a word count, and that it is unreasonable (I don’t use that word) to ask for repeated modifications when they failed to provide comprehensive instructions, as it is not worth (again, not ideal wording) what they have paid.

@emasonwrites Yeahh, pretty sure this guy would have left a negative feedback if I refused to give him what he wanted despite providing ample proof that the order was completed. I ended up doing a mutual cancellation and he accepted, so that’s done with. He said I didn’t provide “enough proof” which is ridiculous When I practically walked him through the step by step. He also expected me to guarantee him results and with SEO, that’s a nonsensical request for $5. Apparently some buyers have a hard time understanding the difference between “service was delivered” and their particular needs. Such ridiculous expectations for so little.

I encourage my buyers to use REQUEST MODIFICATION, it makes fixes so much easier to address. But my gig is kinda fluid – so I get clients that need adjustments all the time.

@kiffinyjean I can completely understand it in a case like yours for the type of service you offer. However with mine, at least in regards to the order the user placed, it can’t really be “customized” to their liking. Once it’s done, it’s done. You can’t really change it after, which is why I try to ask the person for as much information up-front and I have no guarantee what will happen. Buyers don’t seem to understand that they are buying a service, not a guarantee of success in their business. A good example in regards to your gig would be if someone requested a modification and said, “Can you prove to me where your voiceover got me a sale for my business or otherwise I will cancel the order, thanks.” Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: