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Got my first order after waiting for 1 month and now second in a 5-day span

I am new on fiverr and like other new sellers struggling to get orders. I created my account more than 1 month ago and didn’t get any order or buyer requests for a month.

Some days ago I got up from bed and saw somebody placed an order messaging ‘‘looking forward’’. I was too excited and thanked him for being my first client. Eventually, I got another order, doing better with many buyer requests and two 5 star ratings so far. Hoping to shine soon.



Congratulations! Keep up a high quality projects and you will receive more orders in no time.

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Thanks, I hope so. I will try my best to provide quality work.

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Congratulations. Wish you good luck for your future orders. What services are you offering on Fiverr?

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I am working as a proofreader.