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Got my first order, great feedback, now finding it challenging!


Hi everyone, is this also your experience? Had my first gig, did a great job, client loved it and gave 5 star rating, now I can’t seem to get momentum. My gig is all about perform reviews at work, you can say a little unique - welcome thoughts, ideas and suggestions please!!


Great start. Are there other people already having success with offering the same service you are offering? Competition is good. Competition will establish that there is traffic or demand on Fiverr for what you are offering. Think of it like a local business setting up shop in a local mall. You are appealing to the traffic that is already in the mall. See what is selling, make an offer and compete with the other venders. It does take time. I spent about 4 months building and it has been a great opportunity for me. It really works. Good luck.


I agree with Landongrace. Scout the competition. See what’s out there. Fiverr isn’t a gold mine for every service. It’s worth figuring out how big your potential market is.


Definitely agree with @landongrace and @sara1984.

Your gig is listed under “Career Advice”. After looking through that portion of the website, the highest rated gig has 282 reviews. I’d guess that’s around 400 orders, while the seller has been active for 4/5 years. It doesn’t seem like a hugely popular segment to operate in.