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Got my first order today


Hi Everyone, Today I got my first order, I am happy and finally realized that I am progressing. Good start so hope to get more good opportunities soon. I really want to work on large projects as I have many years of experience and found Fiverr best to explore our services. When we are new we just need to have patience, just work dedicatedly and you will see the results.


congratulations Anitamuskan
keep doing the right work


Hi Thanks for your lovely wishes.


@anitamuskan congratulations, and all the very best to your future works


Hi, Thanks for the wishes.


Happy for you…
Dont forget communication is key
I’m waiting to get my second gig


okay sure and keep going.


Great. Keep it up. Am happy for you.


Hi Modelmagi, Thanks.


Congratulations, keep it up


Keep it Bro


Congratulations For getting the first order.


Congratulations For getting the first order.May God Bless You


congratulations :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations! I got mine a few days ago and a 5 star review on it. Since then I have been getting orders consistently. The review builds credibility for more orders. Now you will get them too! :grinning: Have fun!



I looked at your gig page and I see you are a lovely lady and not a bro. Your profile picture does not show up here yet but soon it will. It is always good to use your own profile picture! Best of luck on getting to level on soon. :sunflower:


whats the category?



You are welcome :slight_smile: