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Got my First Order! Will share with you my experience!

Hi, this Maruf, I opened my Fiverr account on January 1st, And yesterday I’ve got my first order. I will share my experience also a trick to get your first order within a month. Happy freelancing.
Don’t forget to check my profile.


Just write how you did it in the body of your post…


thanks for suggestion

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Hi Maruf. Great that you got such a fantastic and elaborate review for your first order here.

If you want to “advertise” your Gig, as in put a link to it, though, you need to move your post to the “My Fiverr Gigs” category, that’s the only forum category where advertising is allowed, else, your post might eventually get flagged and hidden. If you want to check out the forum rules, you can find them by using the search symbol in the top menu bar and choose the threads from the “Welcome” category by forum mods/staff.

Happy freelancing to you as well.


thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face: