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Got my first sale! But now 'deliver now' button doesn't work


Hi there,

So I finally get a breakthrough and get my first client on Fiverr. Now, that I’ve complete the rush order well before time I simply can’t get it to attach and send.

As soon as I hit deliver work it simply refreshes into a blank page.

I’ve already tried clearing cookies, different browser etc.

I don’t want it to affect my feedback and really want to deliver for this client. But what can I do when the clock is still ticking and I am unable to upload completed work?

Your help and your time is much appreciated.



if time is going over then tell your client about this problem first and send him extend delivery time.and then contact support as fast as you can


Hi,restart yours computer or laptop . whatever u have or disconnect the net and then reconnect again.


Hope you get this sorted soon. Obviously you are delivering quality for the client.


Sorted. So after trying and failing first I managed to get the extension within time and then eventually changing the browser worked.

It has been delivered on my end.

Now ball is in the client’s court. I’m assuming, now begins the feedback game.

In any case, thank you guys.