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Got my first sale, finally! ^.^V

I joined Fiverr about 3+ years ago and got 2 sales from my voiceover gig, but it just died off like that and I had to serve the military for another 2 years. Due to the changes with Fiverr, all my gigs were paused. Fiverr basically became forgotten in my memory and I only started uploading my first gig about 2 weeks ago.

It went all quiet and I started adding 1 gig every 2 days and BAAAM! My first sale! The feeling is really priceless when the buyer marked the order as “Completed” and gave me my Five Star review :slight_smile:


thats great. stars of accomplishment .

Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations, great job on your first sale.

It is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it!


i just had my first sale on fiverr also so excited and it was a 5.0 star review