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Got my first sale today! Grabbed 5 stars!

Guys, If you need product listing writer, feel free to order with me. It’ll really help me grow my career in freelancing.

Product listing needed?


communicate with buyer and deliver exactly what he asked this will help you to get an outstanding feedback!

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Thank you for your reply!

I’ve already delivered and confident to get a great feedback.

Wish me luck!

welcome and best of luck :grinning::grinning:

Good (Y) (Y) (Y) Keep it Up :slight_smile:

Congrats! I did it also last week :blush:

Thanks @madiha_futive !

Hope you don’t mind me asking, are you bangladeshi?

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Thanks @locomotions
How’s the journey going after that one done ?

Welcome. No I am Pakistani :slight_smile:

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Now I’m working in a new order
I have completed 5 jobs
very happy for that, now we have to keep moving forward

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Glad to hear that!

Buyer just completed the order, gave a tip too! Hope I will get projects like you also :slight_smile:

Well, especially I try to take great care of the image of my gigs and upload videos that attract attention, take care of keywords and those things
I’m almost always connected and seeing if there is any buyer request I can access. I promote myself by facebook, instagram …

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Congrats! I did it also last month :slight_smile:

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Wow great,
Keep it up.

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Welldone mate, fly higher

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Thank you guys @imran277 @shanaz453 @charlesdike

Can you tell me how’re you doing now after the first one ? @imran277

And mate as a matter of fact, I’m higher than a kite right now :smiley:
If you know what I mean :wink: @charlesdike

You are welcome

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats :smiley:
I’m waiting for my first order as well… I hope it will come soon… :confused:

Thanks guys @shairaamjad @pstefanova :heart_eyes:

I’m sure you’re gonna land it soon. Good luck @pstefanova :smiley:

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