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Got my first successful order! 5 stars!

Holy macaroni. After blood, sweat and tears, I finaly got my first order… and it was a successful one!

Here to tell my experience:

I started two weeks ago, trying to sell some origami models. Sins I was young, I was fascinated by the art of origami, and got really good at it. Now I’m here on Fiverr!

What I noticed: a catchy title get’s so much more recognized than a non catchy title.

When I posted that I will make a video tutorial, that Gig got the lowest views, etc.
Funny thing is, I got my first order on that Gig, and already have my second one on the go!

I think that providing digital services is so much more succesful than for example sending crafts. This is actually quite a bummer for me, but that won’t stop me from trying even harder to get my first sale on those Gigs!

Keep trying folks! Eventually you’ll get your first sale too! And it feels oh-so amazing.


Oh also: my client’s english was horrible. It was really unclear what he wanted. If you’re have the same experience: just ask really precisely what he/she wants. Maybe you have to puzzle a little bit, but those 5 stars are definitely worth it.

This also came into my mind: when you’re selling your first gig, always provide something extra for the buyer. I think it’s really important, because it always gives the buyer joy :slight_smile:

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Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much, Lloyd!

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Really glad to know that.
I wish you all the best

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congratulation ! wish you good Luck

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Thanks a lot, Excelsolutionn!

Thanks! Hope I will sell more in the future!

Congratulation Bro. Keep up the good work and go ahead , best of luck

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My third order was from someone who had very horrible English. It was such a struggle to work with, he wanted me to keep doing extra work and didn’t explain things very well.

After so much back and forth, I got a little upset. I didn’t lash out, I was very cordial.

Finished one order, then he ordered a second.

I got the second order done a lot easier.

I was so worried after I delivered what he ordered. I was scared that he would give me a 1 star rating for standing firm on not doing extra work without further payment.

Two days after delivery, he sent me two 5 star reviews!

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congratz, when i got it feels like, i am an human who can do some thing:wink:


congratulations to all who completed there orders :slight_smile:


Congrats that shows hard work always pay

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