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Got my first two negative reviews...?


Yes yes, I’ve done a search already… Crazy Tarot Panda here again. I always stress to my buyers, on the gig description AND delivery description, that I will clarify all questions they have and to let me know if they are in any way unhappy/reading did not meet their expectations. One of my clients bought both of my Tarot gigs (temporarily suspended to prepare myself to move across the country), wrote in great detail about what he wanted me to look into, and I answered him, also in great detail. I also took it a step further and gave him five separate mini-readings, with. This whole reading added up to TEN PAGES, while most of my readings average three. I completely went above and beyond for this guy, way more than $5 worth- as I do for all my buyers that request it.

I figured it may be due the negative information I have sent him. He was asking me career based questions and I explained to him that it was heading south and even gave him details as to why it would be going south. However, I clearly explain in my gig description that I will offer NOTHING BUT HONESTY and then a way to better your life.

He gave me a thumbs down on BOTH of my gigs- without offering an explanation and is not returning my messages. He has no gigs and has been on Fiverr for a year, so I do not think he’s a competitor.

Can I even fight this?


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Reply to @jetfumes: The 13th. My plane lands in Japan on the 12th so I will be opening up orders since my hotel is supposed to have a secure internet connection. My husband will be at work all day so I will have nothing to do but play with my cards. xD


Me Too! when are you going to be doing readings again?


Reply to @crcanny: Haha. That’s wonderful. :smiley: You aaaare going to have to wait until I get settled in Japan though. xD I’m in the process of moving.

That’s like going to a doctor and then getting upset with him because he said you have diabetes. Would you and rate your doctor 1 star because he told you something you do not want to hear? I would think NOT!

I warn all my buyers on the front page that I’m an honest reader. It takes TOO MUCH EFFORT to make things up just to satisfy a client.

This was his order: "For whatever reason, I keep “hearing” that I have more to contribute in my life AND that my actions/accomplishments are to bring great glory (to me, humanity, etc.). I am uncertain if these thoughts are real or if I am imagining them."

I think my last paragraph ALONE answered this gig. I could have rolled with just that little paragraph, but gave him 10 pages worth instead.

I’m quite upset. -_-


That stinks. You probably hit a little too close to home. Maybe if you respond with a thumbs up and say “I’m sorry you didn’t like my not-exactly-positive reading, but I can only be honest.” Because I know that I read why there’s a negative reading before I buy a gig and take into account that if the seller did their best, they can’t please everyone.

Although if it makes you feel any better now I want a reading, lol. collects


This an excerpt from the reading. (*Note: this is ONLY the concluding paragraph, to give you an idea of what other information may be on the 9 and a half other pages!)

Not a lot of my clients want to hear when I have something like this to say, but I promise you nothing but honesty in my readings. Your life has completely railroaded. There is a lot of worry and anxiety regarding your work related life and you try way too hard to make sure you are financially secure. In this current economy, I understand why you feel that way. But, have you ever truly stopped to smell the roses? Another thing I did not want to tell you, until the end of the reading, is that almost every card spoke of selfishness and greed. Do you think that is accurate? Do you truly, deep down inside, care more about the people around you than you care about yourself? Who is the most important person in your life? Please think long and hard about that. You are very wound up when it comes to your career. I was a U.S Marine, and now I am married to one. I understand where you are coming from when you seek a promotion and how competition may drive you a little insane. I watch my husband stress over the same things. I do not want you to spend your life trying so hard to move up in your occupation and to set a secure life for yourself that you never truly enjoy “Life.” Take some time off and go to the woods, the mountains, or somewhere you feel safe. Let your mind go and relax. The “chaos” that is in your mind will subside, with a little meditation. When you eat food, take the time to fully enjoy all the tastes. I really do truly worry about your health in the future as two of the cards I have pulled pointed to ill mental and physical health. Please take care of yourself now as there are so many side effects from stress. Do not think that you “can handle it.” It is a lifelong thing that builds up until it devours you whole.


Reply to @crcanny: I tried taking your advice and did that but since he did not leave a comment on the feedback, it does not show up on my feedbacks, neither does my comment… All I see is that there’s 1 thumbs down. :frowning: And I know feedback updates on suspended gigs because Ive had other buyers give me positive feedback and it showed up. I can’t even defend myself. :frowning:


Congratulations. Well some people are just retarded and you can’t do much about it . Happened to me also… after 3 days of trying to explain to some freak that a black font is not visible on a black background…


And you had to keep the negative feedback?

I cant even post up my explanation cause he didnt put anything. He just put a thumbs down so it shows up on my overall rating but it doesnt show up under the comments so I cant even defend myself.


It was just a matter of time before you came across one of those. I deal with people like that often and it really is frustrating. About the comment, you can leave a comment. All you have to do is rate the buyer and say that you feel he gave you a thumbs down for whatever reason. Dont get too long on the explanation. It doesnt matter if he gave a reason or not, you can still rate the buyer. As far as the comment not showing up, yes I have had that frustration also. It may take a few days or other things may be going on. It can be a Fiverr glitch, or the buyer is asking Support for a refund, in which case it stops the sale so no comments show up. If that happens that is good for you because you can ask to have the negative removed. You can also ask the seller to remove the negative if you give him a refund. I personally hate doing that (its like blackmail) but its your gig so you decide.


Yeah I told him I’d be down to give him a refund. I see that hes been active today but he is NOT answering me at all. Completely ignoring me.

I did rate the buyer… it won’t show up, but I will definitely try to contact Fiverr. My overall rating went down 5% cause he freakin negatively rated BOTH of my gigs… I went from number 8 in my category to like… 30. I reactivated my gigs temporarily just to see. -_-"


@mrspanda: Good luck turning that negative review around. I am sure tarot readings can be tough with negative results. I had a bad tarot reading like 20 years ago and wanted my money back from the tarot reader as she was clearly a phony and got all my life details wrong. Maybe your buyer was expecting the same thing, for your reading to be more about his life and he thought it was inaccurate. I am not saying that your reading was inaccurate, but I can relate to that guy from my experience 20 years ago.

I tried tarot reading myself for a few months. It was fun, but I was never sure I was doing it right. LOL

Good luck. I hope he changes his review and maybe I will purchase your gig and get a better reading than I did 20 years ago :wink:



See, the problem I’m having is not the negative review itself… it’s the fact that he refuses to answer my messages or tell me why the thumbs down. He simply got my reading, put a thumbs down, and never responded, despite me trying to get in contact with him. I tell all my buyers to please give me a chance to clarify anything they do not understand or resolve any issues why they may not be happy, including a refund. He did not even give me the courtesy of letting me know what went wrong. At least you told your reader that he/she was completely wrong! That’s still some sort of FEEDBACK.

This is what he asked me:

I keep “hearing” that my actions/accomplishments are to bring great glory to humanity. I am uncertain if these thoughts are real or if I am imagining them.

My cards had quite a few negative things to say about him, along with suggestions to better his life (as shown in my concluding paragraph.) I really am just assuming that he’s upset because he expected me to praise him or tell him how wonderful he’s going to be, but I went with the truth instead. I saw his reviews on other tarot readers’ gigs and I think I’m the only one that told him he’s not going to bring ‘great glory to humanity.’


Sounds like he might be a teeny bit delusional. You sound like a very through tarot reader and I’ve starred you for later. Unfortunately some people don’t like hearing the truth, they just want to get praise.

I figure most buyers do keep in mind that on such a large community site there’s gonna be a few rotten eggs in the bunch and that includes buyers.


Whoo! Customer support reviewed it and deemed that I should not have gotten the thumbs down and removed both of it! :smiley: Faith in Fiverr restored!

@cybercube Which cards? I bought the Deviant Moon(one that looks like devil children) in a little hole in the wall in the city. Vampires (the pretty one with gothic images) I ordered online. The 1950’s Housewives my sister bought for me for Christmas and the one I am currently using, the one with the white border, I walked into an Indian shop and there they were.


Off topic - Where you buy those cards?


I have been doing readings online on other major psychic sites since the 90s and having a difficult client is just part of the “gig”. When people contact us for a reading, a lot of times they can be emotional or have tunnel vision when it comes to how they want a situation to work out, or to hear what they want to hear. At times, they can come to a reading having preset expectations which can pretty much have you DOA before you begin!

Now, having said that, the snippet you provided about this person having been told or believing they are somehow destined to bring some sort of glory to humanity (I have had these types of readings too, where the person has been told usually by other readers) sounds a bit delusional if not possibly a sign of some mental illness. Of course, we are not allowed to diagnose as we are not Drs, but, when a client like this goes to readers and is given a schpiel about how special they are and their mere existence is more important than the next guy, it sets up any future readers to fail if they do not feed into this fantasy. Think about it: If they have been told and truly believe they are meant for some greatness, why do they need another reading about it? Could be, because they don’t believe it afterall, or perhaps the narcissistic streak they have needs to be fed.

9 times out of 10 you will always get a poor rating from this type of client. Why? Because, everyone else told them what they wanted to hear and played into their inflated ego and sense of self importance. It is the same scenario when getting a romance question about how their ex or person they want to be in a relationship with feels about them: If you see the ex isn’t coming back or the relationship will never launch, you will receive their wrath because the 10 other readers they went to gave them candy instead of medicine!

Glad you got the feedback removed, I can only imagine how frustrating it can be to be new and have your % affected by one delusional soul.

Take care



Reply to @mrspanda: o/ I’m happy for you! And I agree, it looked like he wanted you to confirm his ‘greatness’. YIKES.

And when you’re done moving, I’ll hire you to read for me. AND TELL ME HOW GREAT I AM! :wink: (Just kidding, lol.)


Reply to @mrspanda: Personally, I think just a thumbs down is a little better than a thumbs down with a lashing that shows up in your feedback comments for everyone to see!

So, I would be happy that he didn’t leave any words, even though it means you cannot comment back to defend yourself.

Look on the bright side, lol.

EDIT: Just seen the feedback was removed… congratulations! :smiley: