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Got my first two negative reviews...?


Reply to @mrspanda: Thanks for info…


Reply to @genuineguidance: I definitely get what you mean! I checked the other psychics on the site to see if they have dealt with him. Now I understand. He left them all positive reviews saying ‘thank you for confirming what I believed.’ After him, I put a little comment under my gig stating, more clearly, that if someone is not interested in the truth, please do not buy my gig. To this day, well over a week after the fact, he still has NOT answered why he was upset with me, further confirming my suspicions… and I see that he’s been active on Fiverr!

Reply to @prohelper27: I would definitely want him to leave some words just so I can let everyone know WHY I had a thumbs down. I rather him lash out so others could see how unreasonable he was. I have bought gigs where a seller had thumbs downs where the buyer would talk so much crap about the seller when it truly was not his or her fault. As a seller myself, I can definitely sympathize with other sellers that have to deal with those kind of buyers.