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Got my first warning from Fiverr, what should I do?

Need help

This was the email I got yesterday from Fiverr:

Your account was flagged for sending spam messages. Our communication tool is designed to allow our sellers and buyers to communicate and conduct their business in an easy and effective manner. We ask that you do not send spam messages to users, for example, unsolicited, unclear, promotional, and out of context messages.
If you would like to learn how to use Fiverr more effectively as a seller, please see the following links:

The Fiverr team

But I have not send any spam messages to any of my client.
Tomorrow I am going to get Level 1 badge but again something occurred

Waiting for level 1 badge from last 2 months

Please help me out


that’s a bad news for you. :expressionless:

Did you send any type of messages to former clients or to ask if they needed anything else?

The only messages you should send are replies to messages sent by your buyers or those who ask you about your service.


I asked for an email to give him access to canva but he didn’t reply that message. (But he asked first, how am gonna give him access) and then I asked for email

Based on the email, he sent messages to random people and they reported him for spam. I encounter a lot of messages like this from random people trying to get work from me. I just ignore and don’t report them, but it’s getting to the point where it becomes very frustrating.

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Yes but I didn’t send a message to anyone, I already have 3 orders in the queue and am super sick now so am not even taking any new orders from new clients

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First, read the terms of service carefully. Here they are: .

Next, having read the terms of service, contact CS and ask how it is that you are in breach of them. If they’re specific about it, then offer proof in the way of screenshots to back up your objection.

Otherwise, don’t break the rules again.


“Got my first warning”

Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , I have mesaged former clients in the past to see if they needed anything, ooops

Nope…I already have 3-4 orders in my queue and am not taking any new orders bcoz of my ill health.
Already told this but repeating.