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Got my First warning. Help please

Today, I just got my first warning because one of my gig is buying their online course and do a review after watching their entire course(feedback, improvement) .

The Fiverr tell me that " We do not allow writing and posting of paid-for reviews. It is misleading and illegal in certain jurisdictions."

I don’t do paid reviews, I just help their review their course, tell them where to improve and feedback. Just that my gig title " I will buy your course and REVIEW it" is that why Fiverr give me a warning?

After I explained to the Fiverr, they wrote this:
“We do not allow offering services in which sellers provide reviews on products.”
There are a lot of gigs that provide review for product and services

Am I wrong? or what should I do?

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And they will be also removed sooner or later.

You can say that other people also robbing banks and why did police put me in prison for robbing a bank, right?

yep, but some gig had already to up there for years and get hundreds of purchase. Why I’m so lucky that Fiverr check on me? I just posting it for 1 month and get 2-3 orders

Are you complaining right now that you got caught too soon and didn’t get enough time to keep breaking rules?

Read TOS and act upon that @dntkachairing

But I can’t find the rule that can’t review people products, I will re read it

I won’t really think, I’m at fault. Buyer purchase because they need my help to provide feedbacks, way to improve their course. that’s what review course means.( user experience)

It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what’s written in TOS and if it’s allowed by fiverr or not.
That’s why rules are there.

Are you offering critiques on these courses after you view them (say like proofreading or telling the buyer what they can do to improve their courses)? Or did you view these courses and then post a public 5 star review about them somewhere else online?

If you are offering critiques on how to improve their course (say by privately sending documents with the changes you suggest to the buyer), this may be a case of misunderstanding.

If the buyer paid you expecting you to leave a 5 star review (or public review of any kind) on their product then, yeah, you’re breaking TOS and will likely have your account banned. And leaving paid reviews isn’t just a violation of Fiverr’s TOS, but many other websites as well.