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Got my first warning

Hi everyone, I’m a social media manager. I had this gig on Fiverr where I sold 1 hour of engagement in my client’s IG account. My main duties were to engage with people in hashtags, for them to get to know my client’s page. The main objective is to get organic followers, but I sell engagement not followers and I can’t guarantee any number/results.

I got a 1º warning and my gig got removed. Why does this go against Fiverr terms?

There are one hundreds of gigs like these all active

RIP my wage


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

They probably saw the line in the description that said:

Do you want to gain followers on Instagram? You came to the right place!

I agree you said “I can’t guarantee any number of followers” and “This gig is for engagement only”, but Fiverr might have just looked at the “Do you want to gain more followers…” line.

Maybe also because of this page:

Do not post, offer or ask for:

Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.

Oh no!! I would have changed that if they have told me to! Do you think I can still sell the same thing, but without advertise “followers”?

I basically lost my income source. My gig was in the first results for “Instagram”. :frowning: and all my clients are happy

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Maybe you’re best speaking to CS about it and asking what is allowed in those sorts of gigs/that subcategory.

Also, I curious to know where did you get this from? :o wicked

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Yeah, I’m waiting for a reply

It was in the Google cache of that gig.

ah! spooky xD I’m a marketeer! I know that everyone want followers. Shame on me

So, are you continued with your account? I got the first warning too. I don’t understand what should i do? should i delete the account?

Also if offering Instagram followers (including real ones not just fake ones) is not allowed (since that’s what they say - don’t offer/ask for followers, subscribers etc - though that bit of the rules is under “fake engagement” and the OP’s wasn’t about fake engagement/followers), why do they allow a Pro verified service that offers to grow Instagram following? Why is it one rule for Pro services and another for normal services?

Turns out my gig description was fine, the problem was that my portfolio showed my clients IG handle, and that’s not allowed.

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