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Got my funds in wrong currency upon withdrawal



Withdrew $80 to paypal USD account, got 69 euros instead, converted to $75. No conversion was supposed to happen at all, but it did.

Hello everyone, I’m having a problem and here’s a bunch of excessive details to make sure this is not a “Did you check if your PC is on?” situation.
I tried searching for similar topics, but the similar ones I managed to find were about a misunderstanding/mistake on sellers part, but mine seems to be a bug(?) on fiverr’s part.

So today’s the day when I decided to withdraw the money I earned during my first week on fiverr. My choice was PayPal. I’ve been using paypal since 2011 to send and recieve payments. I recieve USD payments from other sites without any issues. I’m not new to this and I am very much aware that paypal’s exchange rates are outrageous.
And I knew from the start that conversion by paypal is to be avoided at all cost.
And that’s exactly why I never even attempted to switch the currency on fiverr to anything other than USD. (And even if I wanted to, fiverr doesn’t support my local currency, so why bother?)
I made sure to doublecheck.

So I thought I have everything in order and happily withdrew my $80

(screenshot taken before I reloaded the earnings page, so it says exactly what it said before withdraval)

However instead of plain and simple +80 USD to my USD paypal account I received 68.91 euros

Which paypal converted by it’s outrageous rates to $74.65 making it a ~7% loss for me.
Now I’m just glad I decided to check how it works and didn’t wait for a $1000 before withdrawal as I originally planned.

Any advise on what I should do now?
I don’t even dare to hope I can get a refund of $5+ lost, but how can I make sure this never happens again?
Is this a bug? Or does fiverr try to use the currency closest to your location automatically?
Is that something I should get to CS attention? I decided to ask on the forum first, because getting a reply from CS might take a while, plus a bunch of extra pairs of eyes can check and confirm it’s not my mistake.

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I had the same issue when I tried to withdraw my revenues through the mobile app. It didn’t give me the prompt that I usually get on the desktop site (shown below). If you didn’t receive this prompt, then there might be some kind of issue that you would probably benefit from contacting customer support for. I also avoid local currency withdrawals for the exact same reason, it’s quite simply worse for me in every way. fiverrwithdraw

Edit: Also, be sure to set up your PayPal account so that it can accept dollars. This makes sure when you are sent USD, they are not automatically converted to another currency, but are kept in a separate USD balance. You’re then free to convert it to another currency at your own discretion. (I know you said you’ve had no USD issues with your PayPal in the past though, so forgive me if you already have this set up)