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Got my gig banned because I refused to advertise a track


I promote music via paid ads from several very cheap advertising networks, and a few days ago I received an order where the buyer is asking me to advertise a track that promote and encourage terrorism acts, bombing, suicide attacks, it contains several mentions about gun attacks, Osama bin Laden, the “alahu akbar” expression used in a violent context and so on.

I refused to promote his track because I know it’s forbidden by any country law to promote terrorism related concepts/ideas, and I don’t want to have troubles with intelligence services.

Soon after I got the order I sent a mutual cancellation request to the buyer, explaining to him that I can’t promote that kind of track.

Then he accused me that I make a discrimination based on religion, that I censor his track, and started to threaten me with lawyers, ACLU and reporting me to Fiverr team.

I tried to gentle explain to him and I sent to him around 10 mutual cancellation requests, but he refused/declined each cancelaltion request.

In sent a ticket to Fiverr customer support and reported the problem, asking their help to cancel the order for me (because the buyer refuse to accept the mutual cancellation request). But, the Fiverr team member didn’t accepted to cancel the order, even I explained to her the problem with the buyer’s track (promoting terrorism and other related facts).

I tried again to send a few mutual cancellation request, asking politely the buyer to accept those, but each time he refused and threatened me and saying he reported me to Fiverr, ACLU, etc.

The problem is that the order #FO43D2F07E02 is active and I’ll get a negative review when I’ll be late with the delivery. More over, I’m sure that the buyer will continue to order again from me just to destroy my sales.

Anyway, to avoid any problems with the law about terrorism, I contacted the FBI and reported the buyer for promoting terrorism and that he try to force me to advertise his track. I informed about that the Fiverr member who answered to my previous ticket, and she wrote me that if the buyer don’t accept the mutual cancellation request, then it’s nothing to do for me.

More over, I see the gig he ordered is no longer listed in Fiverr searches (the most probable it’s due to the buyer ticket sent to Fiverr when he reported me).

So, I’ve got my service banned in Fiverr searches…

ps: here is my conversation with the Fiverr team member when I asked help to cancel the order.


REQUEST #1369146

<strong>onlypremiumseo Tuesday at 07:04</strong>
I have a customer who is trying to force me to promote a track that is promoting ideas about terrorism (the image of his SoundCloud track about Osama bin Laden being like in "thug life memes", and the track name contains "Allahu Akbar" - an expression that is also known to be used in terrorist attacks by kamikaze people).
I tried for several times to politely explain him that I can't to promote his track, sending mutual cancellation reqest, but each time he decline my mutual cancellation request and acuse me I censor his muslim customer/singer, and is trying to find any way to force me to promote his track.
Can you please cancel this order for me?
Thank you very much! Have a great day!

<strong>Amy Tuesday at 07:17</strong>
<strong>Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us. We have reviewed your order FO43D2F07E02 and understand your point of view, but please understand that there is all kind of people on fiverr, and all of them have different needs.
You as seller can explain to your buyer why you can't/won't do something and we do believe he would understand. On the other side, we cannot forbid someone to ask for any drawing that does not violate our Terms of service.
Our advice is to ask for mutual cancellation and kindly explain your buyer that that type of drawing is something your religion condemns.
Fiverr is inclusive environment for all people regardless of their skin color, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.
We hope you understand.
Have a nice day.</strong>

<strong>onlypremiumseo Tuesday at 20:08</strong>
I'm sorry you can't do nothing. I refuse to promote his track because he promotes extremist islam ideology and terrorism concepts. I not refuse to promote it due to religious reasons.
Anyway, because he refused for several times the mutual cancellation request, I finally, took the decision to report this facts to FBI (his track has mentions about Osama bin Laden, sucide, bombing, gun attacks, 9/11 terrorist attacks, the "alahu akbar" expression).
However, it would be nice if you could cancel this order for me.
Have a nice day!

<strong>Amy Wednesday at 00:05</strong>
<strong>Hi again,
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience and for not being able to help you any further at this moment.
best of luck in your future sales!
Amy | Fiverr Customer Support </strong>

OK, then... I tried via "Resolution Center" to use the "Issue Refund" button, but I've got an error: "This order can't be cancelled at this point." Please see the screen capture.
Is there a system error or... what is that blocks me to offer refund to the buyer?
Thanks in advance!
 issuerefund.PNG (20 KB)
 cancelerror.PNG (40 KB)

<strong>Amy Yesterday at 00:08</strong>
Thank you for your message.
Please note that the order cannot be cancelled only from your end, the buyer needs to accept the cancellation request. Therefore what has appeared on your screen means that the buyer has declined the mutual cancellation request.
We are sorry for your inconvenience. Please keep communicating with your buyer and try to address all your concerns to them.
Best of luck in your future sales!</strong>

<strong>onlypremiumseo Yesterday at 00:29</strong>
Thanks for reply and suggestions, but I sent him around 10 mutual cancellation requests and he denied/declined all. I saw (under his profile) that he is a new member (he joined Fiverr a few days ago, in april 2016), but that don't excuse him to have an aggressive attitude to any seller.
The only option I have is to not start the order to be marked as late: then the system will cancel the order and I'll get a negative review.
Thanks for your time and I wish you a nice day!

<strong>Amy Yesterday at 00:41</strong>
<strong>Have a lovely day! Best of luck!</strong>

This was wrong to force you to do something you are not comfortable with no matter what the reason.
You should ask for another team member to review this.

I cannot imagine why a team member would tell you that you have no choice in this matter. Someone else should look at this for you. You can request that another team member review this. It’s not about religion or whatever, the issue is that you are not ok with doing this—whatever the reason.

Do not mention the reason is about religion. Just mention that this order makes you

I agree with MissCrystal,

noone should be forced to work on an order if you don’t want to take on this type of project. I also would submit another request and have someone else look into this matter.
Best of luck in getting this resolved.

You called the FBI? lol…that small detail is most likely why your gig was banned, not the track, and really should have been included in the headline.

You have every right not to work on material that you feel uncomfortable about, but you really overegged the muslim pudding. He’s using thug life memes and gangsta rap kinda elements? Big deal, probably a shock artist. ObL is dead (and a former fighter on the side of the US, to boot), Allahu Akbar just means “God is Great” rather than “Bomb the infidel!” . It’s just also a war cry in battle. Christians do it too, ya know. Everyone does. It rouses the spirits and distracts you from the fact that you’re just about to walk into a pointless bloodbath. Not really religious, just another nice bit of engineering from our Lords and Masters.

C’mon man. You were completely overegging the terror muslim angle. What happened to freedom of speech? Would you have an issue with one of “our boys” releasing a single saying the same stuff just not on “their side”?

Just to put this into another focus. The IRA in Ireland caused terror in the UK for years with bombs etc that killed innocent people. Lots of nice fundraisers in the USA for those freedom fighters. Would you have had a problem doing a song for an IRA supporter? Do you have an issue with the drink known as the Irish Car Bomb? Different cause, no muslims but the same result: innocent people’s lives ruined–and in some cases funded with US money.

I don’t, fwiw, but all you really needed to do was look at the TOS and pick something from there instead of using your personal taste as a guide. Feeling uncomfortable? Say that instead of running to the FBI and reporting (!) and bleating. I mean, if you’re going to moan about allahu akbar, learn what it actually means first perhaps? Pay attention to my IRA example, because terrorism has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with politics. You, my friend, would do well to remember this.

That said the other guy sounds like a moron too, but you going on the terror muslim angle just made him determined to see the order through so he could “expose” you or whatever. NEVER use people’s religion, race, color, creed or shit like that as an excuse not to do the work, no matter how justified you think it. Neutrality is the only way forward.

Christ. Very poorly handled on your side.

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Yeah, mentioning “FBI” did it.

I love how you called the FBI. I’d also love to have seen the faces on the people at Fiverr when the FBI followed up on your call. My only worry is that whoever your buyer was is probably now being water boarded due to not accepting your silly cancellation request.

Thank you though. You have just demonstrated to me just how dangerously mad the world has become. As such I’m finishing for the day and going for pitcher or two of Bavaria and a pizza. I just hope I don’t get too tipsy and start reporting all the local asylum seekers for speaking Arabic and looking a bit shifty.

If all would depend by me, then I would promote anything, but all of you forget that in any country in that world is forbiden and against the world to help promoting terrorism concepts. Also, every citizen in the world is forced to report any information related to terrorism (even propaganda made from music) to police (or to the right intelligence services). Not doing so is risky for doing a crime even by people who have any superficial information about bombing, terrorism & related stuff (even propaganda).

Some people consider I exagerated with terrorism (I would put here he’s track link, but I’m not sure I’m allowed by ToS), but I ask you to remember about weekly news about arresting of people who are linked (even superficial) with terrorism propaganda (of ISIS, especially).

So, I don’t want to risk my liberty or to get my image negatively affected in mass-media for helping a crazy or maybe a radicalized guy to promote his track (where are lots of mentions about 9/11, sucidal bombing, gun attacks, the use of “alahu akbar” expression and followed by an explosion on the background, etc.)

Honey, I grew up in the United Kingdom near London where bombs were a weekly occurrence. I don’t see terrorists lurking around every corner in spite of that. I’ve been to Northern Ireland after the Troubles and you know, it’s a nice place. I think it’s a shame that we had to have all this shite. Sames goes for the ■■■■ stuff. I think you need to stop watching Fox News and realize that the chances of getting mixed up in a terror attack are minimal compared to, say, being in a fatal car crash, or even getting shot by a fellow American citizen.

It’s a sad state of affairs for you that you consider the overblown reaction of calling the FBI over a stupid gig and song that hardly anyone would have lived in because of “muh libertuhs”

You do realize that there is a huge amount of propaganda against these guys? You think this artist is going to credit you for whatever you were meant to do? Come on man. More than anything you probably clogged up their call center. You think a serious terrorist is going to make a song about their terrorism and come to FIVERR for it?

You’re a doozy, man. You’re nowhere near as free as you think you are if you think this is rational, normal behavior.

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I think there is an overall theme is this thread that you might be missing. I, along with other sellers, do not think you should have to accept an order that you are uncomfortable with. CS will usually back you on that if you give them an easy out by using an example from ToS as your reason for declining.

You can even get an out that may feel painful but works by saying that you cannot fill the order because you lack the skills for that particular one. That’s not as awful as it sounds, since I think you and the buyer are misunderstanding each other, so you payback the skills to interpret his request.

Recently there was another thread in which a buyer was blatantly told that the seller wouldn’t help her because her site promoted Christianity and he believed only in the true religion of Islam. Forum readers mostly advised her to report him to CS. Why? Because his wording was inappropriate.

In your case, I don’t blame you for not wanting to do the job. You put CS in a box by mixing together vague mentions of terrorism with perfectly ordinary religious phrases like Alahu akbar. Then you called the FBI over seeing a turban on a doorknob. Then you told Fiverr you called the FBI which could have been considered a threat (even if you didn’t intend one) and Fiverr could have handed you your earnings/hat and opened the exit door for you you avoid trouble.

Please don’t misunderstand, as a seller, I respect your choice to cancel. That all was a rambling way of saying: don’t even mention things like religion, gender, orientation, race, etc. I wouldn’t mention hotbutton words like terrorism either. Just use some reasonable Fiverr-supported words to explain why you can’t take the order and move forward. Also, I’d suggest that however this ends, lay low and work your gig. It will probably end up back in search if you don’t continue to make a big deal of all this. Your title is misleading also if your gig is still available for purchase.

  1. I do not open another ticket for CS because I know it’s very bad for a seller to not complain to a Fiverr team member decision. I don’t like the situation, but… it’s nothing else I can do.

  2. Thanks for your all opinions, but… I know that in Europe, also in US it’s not a joke to promote any content (even audio content) related more or less to terrorist or extremist ideas (islam or christian extremist ideology, etc).

Every seller should be carefully about what he promote, and I’m sure that in near future will be more sellers that will meet orders like mine.

Good luck to everybody and thanks again for your time and opinions…

Have a nice day!

You know jackshit about it in Europe, to be fair.

If you’re saying that you know more than a former intelligence officer… then I “trust” in you.

oh, this is going to be good. Are you a former intelligence officer?

Perhaps you could also shed some light on the mysterious death of David Kelly? Or even Gareth Williams, for that case?

Do you get your intelligence from the back of a box of cereal, or do you just have an over-inflated opinion of a former career of yours? I mean, come on, you know intelligence is graded in levels of secrecy on a “need to know” basis as you are an intelligence officer. You also know that this is so you won’t be shocked and appalled that your little actions were a while in a vast cog of mendacity far greater than a bunch of amped-up ■■■■ psychopaths, cherrypicked from stocks of angry and disillusioned WESTERN men.

I don’t ask you to trust me, but since you know so much I’d love to hear your views on European terror intelligence. Now, either you’re an office pen pusher who likes to puff up your position (and you are a lousy ex-intel officer if you go around parading it on an internet forum, of all places), or you’re just lying like those British guys who pretend to be ex-SAS to get a girlfriend.

Grow up. You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. You called the FBI over this, ffs. It wasn’t exactly an unattended bag at the airport. Just some edgy idiot who you gave the perfect bait to screech about racism. Are you sure you’re telling the truth here, because my already low opinion of spooks just plummeted to subterranean levels now. Jesus Christ. Go and torture a few Islams at a black site since that seems to be what you’d really like to do.

Did you know torture is illegal? But your intel services do it. And mine. And you’re bragging about calling it in and being ex-intel? Alright, darlin’. You still know jackshit about European terrorism.

We are just freelancers trying to earn a living. The last thing we want to do is get caught up in national or global politics. If you didn’t want to work with a buyer for whatever reason, you could simply say that you are overbooked, have a non-Fiverr commitment, or that the job is too hard for you. You don’t have to be too honest in some cases. You shouldn’t have brought in Islam, terror, FBI etc. That’s the mistake you made.

Where you able to cancel the order now?

So far we have the FBI. An intelligence officer with no intelligence, Bin laden, A terrorist trying to lay down some tracks. Not sure if they are music tracks or IED’s. Water boarding, ACLU, and a treatise on terrorism, all in one thread. Can’t complain about a lack of diversity on here.

I’m sure I have missed a few things though. So far I’ve seen nothing about jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, but maybe that’s going to be posted soon in the next exciting episode of “you could not make this cr*p up, but someone just did”

To the starter of this thread…Let me ask you one question. Do you seriously think someone who is promoting terrorism is going to be calling up the ACLU to complain about a seller on Fiverr… Just think about that before you report another buyer to the FBI and get them shipped off to Gitmo.

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(1000 Points to the person who gets the reference, but you’d have to be a regular watcher of a TV genre to know it!)

No, and I guess I’ll can’t. The most probable he will order again just to destroy me.

Those goshdarn terrorists!

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That guy certainly didn’t mince his words in the review. Actually, the review is fascinating since I can now see who this guy is. Lulz.

Enjoy your fight against terrorism! You’ve certainly nailed the profile of a typical Muslim terrorist here–the FBI will salute your insightful work! Alhamdulillah!

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