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Got my gig banned because I refused to advertise a track

I am really sorry to hear that. Did you reach out to support again ?

I never said I’m a former intelligence officer (your judgement said that)…

But it’s not a bad thing to ask for a legal advice from a current or former intelligence officer…

Finally I’ve got a very bad review, even if I didn’t promoted his track. I suppose he’s very happy now…

Just googled the song + video and its just comedy, also noticed another seller already did this job.

I’m sorry you don’t realize that every seller is responsable by what he promote, even for $5. Try to promote anything is illegal and you’re doing a crime. Also, I’m shocked that so many sellers accept to do almost anything for a few bucks… Hey, sellers, what happened with your dignity, with your morality?

Don’t worry too much. I think your reply was good. Best of luck :wink:

Support has always had my back when cancelling an order that violates laws or terms. The key is to isolate the violating part and then refer to the section in the terms that would be violated. If a law is violated then refer to the law being broken.

In this case though as the song is labeled as comedy i think you might have misinterpreted something.

It also needs be mentioned that even though you’re a freelancer, depending on your country of residence, you can’t refuse service for a request that’s within the law. That’s like, you know… bakers refusing to bake a cake for a same-gender couple because of religious objections. When the law of the land generally requires you to treat your clients equally but you selectively refuse service when you don’t like something about a client, that’s called discrimination.

And from a business perspective, that was just silly. Do you know how many other sellers probably sent this buyer down the river for somebody else? You don’t have to share your buyers’ opinions in order to take their money for a service you’re qualified to do. This buyer probably would have become a big-spending repeat buyer. Your loss, somebody else’s gain.

I’m not an intelligence officer, but I did hold a TS-SCI (top secret / sensitive compartmented information) clearance when I served as a Russian cryptologic linguist in the Marine Corps. My opinion is that you earned that negative review fair and square.

I’ve just googled the song and the video too, and it promotes terrorism about as much as Amish Paradise promotes the Amish way of living (by the way, it’s definitely NSFW, in the case that someone wants to look it up while at work).

I agree that sellers should have the right to refuse to work on an order they’re uncomfortable with, for whatever reason, but saying that this silly video promotes terrorism and calling FBI about it doesn’t make sense to me.

Did the FBI want the music track in question? My guess is that your message to them got no response.

I think his review warrants another try with CS though since it is not a complaint about your service but about you refusing to do the job, which really isn’t fair since you tried repeatedly to cancel the job because it made you uncomfortable.

Except when they can’t appear to tell the difference between satire and reality.

Oh. Explains a lot, really.

It’s very easy to find the video in question, @misscrystal. I doubt they took this beyond a first glance.

I’d also agree another try with Customer Support might be worth it, but really, looking at who this client was, and how OP acted throughout the whole thing…I don’t see it happening. What’s that other stock response they have? “allowed to share their experience?”. It’s a good warning to others to always stick to neutral or self-deprecatory reasons when cancelling (“I am not qualified to do this”/“outside of gig scope” etc)

Also, I’m shocked that so many sellers accept to do almost anything for a few bucks… Hey, sellers, what happened with your dignity, with your morality?

Nice attempt to change the subject. There wasn’t anything illegal here, though. There was goat loving in the video! Do you honestly think anyone promoting terrorism is going to feature that timeless insult? Aside from people in the intelligence community.

Yes, it put fiverr in an awkward position to mention that it was an objection to doing work on a religious or terrorist matter. If someone says they can’t do work as it is terrorist in nature is too sensitive and to then have fiverr cancel it is to put them in a position of taking a stand or showing an opinion on this matter so they can’t intervene and stay neutral as they need to.

Going back to what this thread is actually about, I do think that the OP has been very unfairly treated by their buyer and Fiverr CS.

If originally they tried (as they say) to explain gently/nicely that they simply couldn’t do this and so submitted a cancellation request, this matter should have just stopped there.

Of course, it’s obvious that CS is probably annoyed by the FBI thing but this has only happened after the sending of a mutual cancellation request and the buyer in question refusing to cancel just so that they can leave a negative review.

Obviously, events have snowballed rather dramatically after this point but taking this out of the equation, the buyer him or herself has acted out of line here and I find it very concerning that they have basically paid to trash someone’s reputation.

Also, I find the idea of buyers not being able to refuse service very dangerous. I had a lovely medical marijuana company approach me a while back wanting some marketing materials created for them which I was fine with at first. However, while researching the company as part of a second order they made, I discovered that there were a number of lawsuits in progress against them due to people having become seriously ill after using their products. The reason? They were (apparently) selling cannabis oil which wasn’t really cannabis oil, some of which had resulted (apparently) in the death of an infant. This being the case, I requested cancellation of the order.

Now, I didn’t explicitly state why or voice my personal opinion in regard to why I was cancelling. Moreover, in all fairness the company in question might have all claims against them ruled as nonsense. However, whether here or anywhere, no seller freelancer should ever be forced to complete work which they are not personally comfortable with.

Sorry this went so insane and ended so badly for you OP.