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Got my Gig denied with perfect 5 star!

And the reason was I used some copyrighted character name.

And I wasn’t given an warning. Not even a chance to modify.
All the hard work is gone!

Is it possible to make another gig that will create the exact same url? so, people who bookmarked my service won’t have trouble finding?
Is it gonna work if i delete denied gig? and create a new gig with exact same name?

You were using someone else’s intellectual property. That is illegal unless you have a license from the property holder. When you break the law, Fiverr is well within their rights to remove your gig.

Please be aware of copyright law before you offer services on Fiverr.

I understand. but there are thousand other gigs that are doing the same.

There are also a lot of murderers, thieves and other people breaking the law out there. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you should jump in with them!

Try it and see what happens. Who knows?
You weren’t given a warning because you are supposed to know not to do this. Why does everyone think it’s ok to use copyrighted characters and their names? Be smart, not dumb. All those who do it are dumb. Fiverr has to follow the law and remove this any time it sees it. Not to do so means they are allowing it. And that means they could end up in courtrooms. It is SO not cool to do this.

“Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t I?” seems to sum up the main argument.

I liked this line a lot when I was a child, along with “but [random schoolfriend] has an [overpriced toy]! IT’S NOT FAIR!”

My mum always said stuff like “if someone told you to run under a bus, would you?” or “want doesn’t get”. Most unsatisfactory…but she was right! Don’t break the law. It’s pretty damn simple.

People have no idea of what can happen from doing this.

Not to forget the whole Amazon case a few months ago over reviews–this is a lot more serious. The whole “other people do it too” argument doesn’t have a pegleg to stand on.

Let it go, OP. Unless you can prove you have rights to the IP, which I somehow doubt if you’re using them on Fiverr.

EDIT: link to forum discussion on the Amazon suit for more info…and misinfo :smiley: :

Imagine you’re in a class room and everyone’s (including you) annoying the teacher. But the teacher directly came to you avoiding the rest and decided to punish you.

Now, I don’t know about you… but I think most people will question WHY ME?
Don’t you think?

I know it’s not legal to use another person’s property without permission. But what I did was merely a character name. I think the internet is full of it and I knew that the owner wouldn’t even care. So, a warning would’ve been nice from fiverr… or a second chance.

Why don’t you write to the company who owns the IP and ask them about it just to be sure? Fiverr’s lawyers are probably on top of it. Move on…

I was an expert at getting singled out by teachers, believe me. But I was playing up–and so are you. The others will be singled out another time. You’re a professional, you should know that you are breaking copyright law, even if it’s “just” a character name. The point is, that you’re commercially using it for your own gain. That’s a no-no.

I think it would be as ridiculous as being fined for not obeying traffic light in an isolated street.

But hey, I got it. Most of the time you can’t reason with system. I guess I’ve learnt that in a hard way.

Anyway, I’m starting from the bottom again. Wish me luck. And thank you!

Not like a traffic fine. More like having a team of lawyers order you into a courtroom and attach every cent you make the rest of your life so that you can never earn a living forever. Companies have teams of lawyers who do nothing but hunt on the internet for
people using their copyrighted names. There are also independent lawyers who spend their days searching for copyright violations and notifying companies when they find them. They earn big money doing this. That money comes from the pockets of the violators. There is no defense in a courtroom so the time is spent just deciding how you will pay them, which amounts to not being able to keep any money you earn in your lifetime.

What I don’t understand is, if his gig got denied for copyrighted character name why does Fiverr allow all those Mignons gigs, celebrity images on gigs and even Disney character images on gigs???

You shouldn’t need a warning to know not to use copyrighted characters, lol

It’s not really merely. You can’t. Period. It’s like with song lyrics. It’s just what it is.

My guess is that they deny gigs or take other action when a violation comes to their attention, either by chance or because somebody complained.

I just brought one gig to their attention which is using a celebrity picture. And guess what… they did nothing. I think they just deny when they feel like it.

Okay. They could’ve suspend it for few days as a punishment.
Then I could easily modify the gig by respecting their TOS. Why waste a gig that has a 100% positive review? Isn’t it their loss as well?

It is illegal for you to use other people’s intellectual copyrights without their permission. If something is illegal, it will be removed. Arguing the right for you to willingly break copyright law is a pointless argument. It is illegal. Fiverr is going to remove it on account of it being a violation of law as well as Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

The fact that you are not able to understand how serious it is makes it more necessary to remove your gig to drive the point home.