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Got my highest paid order worth 35

Hey so my highest price was 10$ per gig beacuse i was in need of reviews .
a client put an order worth 10$.
I completed in give that and given also some extra thing.
Like i am portrait artist . I design caricature logo and gave free sticker emoji.
On the same day she gave me 5 tip. And Another work But this time i told her i can do more better if we can increase budget and here comes the part. We get final into 35,
So what should you learn.
Give more value then buyer ask without and expectation it will always come back to you in good way.


Or give more value than you were asked, the buyer will believe that’s your service and you will end up overworking for the same amount :slight_smile:

This is not true . make your mind in providing value doesnt mean you have to work extra hours and hours to add value. it means you can add a little value maybe which take your 10-15 minutes


You are both right.

Underpromise and overdeliver.

The problem comes when you are dealing with people who overpromise on your behalf yet always underdeliver on theirs.

It is sad to see it this way but experience is the teacher here.

As for your success. I am delighted for you that you found a principled buyer who saw & rewarded your value. if they were all like that, I would not say most of what I did above. I assume @donnovan86 would be the same.

Ya right , you are absolutely right