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Got my level 1 And I want to be a top rated seller!

HI! my dear friends, I am almost new in fiverr and joined here about one and half month. I need your assist to make me a top seller. I know you guys have lots of talents and tips.

I am getting 2-5 orders in a week but I want to up my order. Now this is my only income source. I have some ambition here, so please give me some suggestions and tips.
Best Regards

You have 25 reviews since you joined in December which is excellent. For most who are dedicated and offering gigs people want there is a process of stages they go through, up through the levels, gradually gaining more orders each month, increasing gradually the orders and reviews over time. It took me two years to become a TRS but some do it
much faster. I was getting finally about 200 orders per month at that time. But that took time and dedication to the job 7 days a week. The first few months I had about 15 to 20 orders a month.

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Your are doing amazing job and your success score is nice. wish you best of luck. thanks

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You are doing really great . All the best

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