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Got my very first order!

I am extremely happy and motivated today, got my very first order on Fiverr, it feels good!
Keep working ya’ll!



I checked briefly your Gig’s description and wonder why you offer.

Money back if you don’t like the work (which will never happen :wink: )

Cross your fingers the order goes well and you will not need to refund the money!

Furthemore I do not understand this one:


What is that supposed to mean?

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Haha, it was because buyers usually judge a seller’s skills by looking at their reviews. Fixed both the errors, anway.

Yikes, bud. As @blavaro pointed it out, you should really lose those lines. Never guarantee money back for the work you are doing. You are getting paid for your time. But you make it even worse with the arrogant sounding quote in the brackets. And the second line is a must go. Buyers WILL judge you by your reviews.
Other than that, good luck with getting more orders in the future. You’ve cleared the first stage, the game is still far from over.

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Thank you, and yeah just did that.

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