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Got my wife on Fiverr

I got my wife to start Fiverr help her make her first dollar via Fiverr check out her gig here @

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Are you and your wife using the same IP address? If so, you might want to message Fiverr to see if this is ok. Sometimes problems arise when two accounts have been registered from the same location.

I hope it does work out for her on here. She’s very talented.

No I got that sorted out, When we are both online on Fiverr at the same time we are in different locations at the same time on different IP addresses. If it does happen where we are both online at the same time it is best practice to contact support before hand so your account won’t get flagged but usually Fiverr logs your IP’s and knows which ones are your primaries and which are your secondaries when you are away from home.

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Best of Luck to both of you!

So you got your wife on Fiverr… And separated!

I find it amusing how freelancers who work together need to commute just to be away from each other before they start work. Just think of the gas savings and extra free time you could benefit from if you just freelanced somewhere else!

In either case, good luck.

Best of luck for you and your family