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Got negative ratings cuz buyer didn't reply ;(


yes, I got thumbs down because buyer didn’t reply and cancelled the mutual cancellation request. After time limit he cancelled the order.

Now he ordered again the same gig. what to do :(( :((


no, it is not an old sale.


To get a thumbs down is weird, this must be a very old sale. I’m curious, how do you have an 86% rating with only one negative review? Did you suspend other offerings?


Talk to the buyer, make sure communication is open, and contact customer service to remove the rating. It should be fine :slight_smile:


That negative review looks like the automatic response when an order goes very late and ends up being cancelled, so the buyer probably doesn’t even realize the review is there. It sounds like he might be giving you a second chance to deliver the order by ordering again, and if that’s the case I recommend you do a great job and turn this into a happy customer.

Did you make multiple attempts to reach this buyer, including “nudging” him? Keep in mind that for some reason some Fiverr emails forwarded to members’ regular email accounts sometimes get lost. Maybe this buyer wondered why he never heard from YOU.

As to the thumb rating: this buyer maybe is among the last members to be converted to the stars rating system, which may be because he’s a very infrequent visitor to the site.


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

buyer didn’t buy the extra services and when i asked him to order, he just cancelled the order and placed new order with extra service.

But if buyer don’t respond to mutual cancellation then what to do?


My gig Extras were disabled :-((


rating is not calculated by only one review.


yes you are right.


Go to Customer Support. Explain, in detail, what happened. In the meantime deliver on the new order like a champ, and hopefully this will get taken care of.

Good luck!