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Got negative review in first order due to misunderstanding

Hello everyone,

We are new to Fiverr and got our first order recently. The buyer wanted us to make some tutorials, which he would later use for commercial purposes. While giving him a custom order we clearly stated that there will be a watermark at the bottom of the video to prevent further redistribution, and had no revisions. He accepted it. We delivered before the deadline and he liked our work too.

But then he said that can you please remove the watermark, don’t worry we will put very nice remark and recommend your services. When we said that we will charge extra for that, he started blaming us for not being clear about our services and we are trying to earn more by giving unnecessary add-ons.

Since he was our first buyer, we decided to give him a revision for free, we just wanted him to pay for a commercial license fee because he was going to use our tutorials to earn money.

But he did not accept it and gave us a rating of 1.7 stars, stating that we were not honest and sell unnecessary add-ons.

Since this is the only rating we have, this is affecting us very badly.

Any advice will be appreciated, thank you!


I think in general, even if you say it will have it before they order, it’s probably not a good idea to add your watermark to their delivery (and definitely not if you didn’t say that before they ordered, though you did). Also I assume that wasn’t the best gig for the tutorial since the gig is for designing circuits.

A thing you’d need to change in the circuit design gig is where it says “or any constraints that your college teacher gave you” and maybe “and assignments for college application”. Taking part in academic work that someone has been given is against the Terms of Service.

The rating will stop you sending offers to buyer requests.
I’d keep trying to get orders other ways but if you can’t get a new order after a long time I’d maybe ask CS if you can close the account and start a new one.


Yep really should have made sure there was commercial fee for that. It’s really bummer.

And edit your gig as soon as possible. If you read the TOS any assignment related gigs are forbidden. You can be banned for just using that word.

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Thankyou for your advice sir !