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Got New Order But Its not in Dashboard

Hi Everyone

Just got an order from a buyer, got the notification in both mobile & web, but still order isn’t in progress!

Let me know if someone else getting such kind of error? I think its a bug


I have a similar issue currently. I delivered an order and it was marked as complete but is still “in progress” on the dashboard. I have reported it to support.


Yes, I can see App is showing order, but nothing in dashboard!

I had/have both these issues over the past days, on and off (delivered order not registering on dashboard + accepted custom offer not showing upas an order/orders not being created).

The former seems to be lag though and to take care of itself after a while.

I thought so too, but also good to highlight it to support incase they are unaware of the issue :slight_smile:


@mjensen415 please have any update on this error?

I contacted support about the first order that didn’t get created, of course, after all, the customer wanted his work done, got told that the customer needs to contact them himself, though, so, when it happened again with another customer, I just told them, so they can check with them and won’t wait for their delivery in vain.

But yes, good if they are aware, and I hope the rumours that the bug category (and site suggestions category IIRC) is monitored, are true :wink:

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It would certainly be in Fiverr’s best interests to monitor them!

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