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Got no review from my the first 2 buyers what to do now?

Got no review from my first 2 buyers?

Hi ad_design21,

My advice is keep plugging away. What you could do is when delivering you could include a reminder if they could take a few minutes to provide a review, that it would be greatly appreciated.

Having been a fiverr seller for a few years I’ve found (as well as others) that if you’re getting 60% of your clients providing reviews, then you’re on par.

Again, keep your head up, stay focused on providing excellent service and product and focus on the things you can control.

Hope this helps.


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Probably buyer has forgot to give review.

It happens sometimes. I know it’s frustrating because you ideally now want to have two positive reviews… but some buyers don’t bother.

Please don’t lose any sleep over it.

In fact one of my regular buyers never leaves a review, and they order two or three services from me a month, and they have done so for a couple of years now.

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THANKS for the advice but i have a question,is it legal to use word review in your message while delivering your order.I think its against the fiverr TOS.

Asking for reviews is strictly forbidden and could get you an account warning.

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Same happened to me. Couldn’t ask him bcz I heard it’s against rules to ask buyer to give a review. Both buyers didn’t bother, but I guess order completion and then getting payed is the biggest reward.

You can also give him a good feedback and nice comments with him. :blush:

Go ahead with success. All the best :heartpulse:

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তার-উপর চাইতেও পারবেন না…
কিন্তু আমি মনে করি, কাজ ভালো করে করে দিলে আবার উনারা আসবে…

Best wishes