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Got notification I haven't reviewed the order

I got an order, reviewed it and sent a message to the client, then 2.5 hours later I get a message from Fiverr telling me I’m bad because I haven’t reviewed the order? Anybody else ever get this kind of notification? I reviewed the order on my phone and sent the message through the phone app, and the message shows up just fine when I’m logged in on my desk computer.


Could you share this message, please? I suspect there’s a bit of miscommunication happening. (You have 3 days to look over an order before it auto-completes. If you don’t want to mark the order ‘complete’ you don’t have to.)

I always work on my desktop computer. I have found the phone app unrealiable.


I sent a message on my computer this morning that seems to have disappeared, so I had to resend it.

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This was for me as a seller, not a buyer and it was to tell me to review the project materials: " Hi richvox, This is a reminder regarding order [#FO…] The order is due on 05 Mar 2021 and you still haven’t reviewed the requirements."

Like I said earlier, the desktop app shows that I responded at 7:30 AM and I got this message 2.5 hours after that.