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Got one Negative response , How i can recover my 1 percent?


Hi all friends,

I never got negative feedback from 5-6 month experience on fiverr and got Level 2 Sellers, I have recently work for client and everything was going fine and he received my delivery and committed in Chat loop that setup is working fine and i also fixed issue with proof, but after some days he submit feedback poor experience, I really got disappointed because i want again my 100% …Please suggest.




u just need more orders to recover your percentage. If you have 88% rating and someone order you, your percentage will be increased to 89% u just need orders :slight_smile:


Thanks wedoart4u, i really disappoint because their was not any reason … i have now 99% from 100% .


Reply to @wedoart4u: Do you have experience in achieving performance .


Unless the buyer agrees to remove or change the rating, there’s nothing to be done except get more positive orders to smooth it over.


Be prepared. In business this will happen every once in awhile that someone gets a less than 5 star review. What counts is how you professionally respond to them if they wrote something negative.

And if they did not write a review but just left lower than 5 stars, you could send them a polite message saying you notice the 4 star review and wanted to find out if there as anything that needed modification that you would be happy to revise or work something to their satisfaction.

BUt don’t be too pushy about this. A seller did that to me once and was very pushy about it and at a certain point I almost reported them to Fiverr as they kept coming back bullying me to remove my rating.


Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for nice suggestion .