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Got only 1 order ! B2B lead generation fact!

After having a good experience at lead generation I didn’t get any work. I’m trying my best to rank my gig. Please share if you have any special trick. so that I can do something with my experience on lead generation.


“Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.”

Apply the experience you have to your own gig :slight_smile:

Big clients come outside the Fiverr- that’s what I heard from a few Pro sellers and Top Rated Sellers. Promote your gigs outside the Fiverr, get your customers to come here and buy services.

“The trick” you are talking about is a million dollar question. Those who know how to do the trick successfully are not willing to share the secret- imagine if Coca Cola announces the recipe. Not gonna happen, everything that has a serious potential for income is kept as a personal dirty little secret :). There are a lot of general advice around but that’s all they are- general advice.


thanks for your suggestion. you are right. I’ve also applied as you said outside market. I’m new on fiverr and also forum. so I just trying to reach some international expert like you. thanks again!!

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thanks for your information. :star_struck: