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Got only one option to receive your fund, As PayPal doesn't work in Pakistan!

I saw many Pakistanis on fiverr and its really refreshing. As paypal doesn’t work in Pakistan only option we got to receive the fund is fiverr revenue card (payoneer debit card) and i got mixed feelings for this revenue card as you have to pay $5 for your card activation and also after paying a $1 fee on each load to payoneer you still have to wait 2 more extra days to actually get your hand on to your earnings.

Share you experience with respect to Fiverr revenue card.

you are right, it is difficult for us plus we can’t even tranfer our money to our local banks . but atleast the Fiverr Revenue Card works. one I didn’t use my card or trasnfer any money in it for 1 month so they also cut 3 dollars for it… kind of unfair… but the 5$ for activation is only for once, so it is worth it.