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Got only one order on fiverr Since the beginning

Hey guys I’m struggling with getting any order here, any help from you guys will be really beneficially…
Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


First of all, congratulations on the good review!
Although you do seem to have strong skills in what you do, your gig is a little too broad. In one gig, you offer video corrections, stock videos, and video editing depending on what the customer asks. Because of this, I would recommend doing three separate gigs for each. This will save a lot of up-front confusion and bring more clients to you because you can create a clearer gig title (for example, “edit video” or “provide visual/audio corrections” instead of “do YouTube video”).
Also, you have a really fast delivery time. It’s awesome if you can do that, but it seems a little unrealistic, especially if you start having multiple gigs at once. It can also cause potential clients to believe you will do a messy job.


Thanks a lot for help and such a detail reply! I’ll definitely do everything you mentioned, I guess what you’re saying is makes a lot of sense!