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Got order but disappointed with buyer


Hi everyone
Yesterday I have got order buyer said requirements i made designs on her requirements and delivered order then buyer responded me 12 hours later after delivery and asked for revisions she said she wants other one I also have made it and delivered before 23 hours now buyer is not responding i don’t know what to do… feeling sad :sob:


don’t worry if the buyer again ask for revision then send the request for extending the time via Resolution center.


Can you guide me?


visit order page there you can see on right side there is a option of resolution center click on it.
then you see many options regarding your order choose accordingly.


Thanks a lot for information


Maybe, your buyer is a busy person. Just stay online. when she come back, ask her “Are you like it or not? if there any problem then tell me. I will fix that”.


I have asked yesterday she was online but was not answering properly still waiting I will give her revisions but at least she comes


Don’t do Haste. Sometime buyer comes late


Ok but it’s effecting my profile


Don’t worry you have option for extending the time.


Can you guide me?