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Got Order from Promoted gig feature or naturally?

I had a question. How can we know that whether we got the order through Promoted gig or a buyer just found us? I know that on Promoted gig feature it says: That order is given through their feature, but how can we know that Promoted gig really helped us in that order? Maybe buyer could have found us naturally but Fiverr is displaying that in Promoted feature to encourage sellers to keep the ads on while in reality we got naturally. By naturally, i meant buyer searched or found us.


At first I thought this was an actual technical question.

So the answer to that part: when an order comes through an ad, then you get a special “PROMOTED” label on it. Same goes for messages in your inbox.

You know upfront if someone came through your ad.

After reading all the way through, I realized this was a conspiracy theory, about Fiverr telling us that organic sales come from promoted gigs, am I understanding this correctly?

In which case I don’t have an official response, but I think it’s something they can’t seem to be able to do. Both from a legal standpoint and a technical one.


This is what I see on the order thumbnail of a promoted gig.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 7.57.35 AM


To add on, this is what I see when someone messaged me from my promoted gig.



Yes, I am aware about this. But recently a person contacted me, and there wasnt any promoted written when he contacted, but when he placed the order, it showed under the promoted gig page under revenue and order. So I was confused on this.

Yes, you are understanding correctly. I think there should be a way where we sellers also know that the buyer indeed clicked the promoted ad. It can be that they found us while searching naturally but fiverr counts them in promoted ad